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-*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Changes with Apache 2.3.16
*) core: Limit line length in .htaccess to 8K like in 2.2.x, to avoid
additional DoS potential. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) core, all modules: Add unique tag to most error log messages. [Stefan
*) mod_socache_memcache: Change provider name from "mc" to "memcache" to
match module name. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_slotmem_shm: Change provider name from "shared" to "shm" to match
module name. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_ldap: Fix segfault with Solaris LDAP when enabling ldaps. This
requires an apr-util fix in which is available in apr-util >= 1.4.0.
PR 42682. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_rewrite: Add the AllowNoSlash RewriteOption, which makes it possible
for RewriteRules to be placed in .htaccess files that match the directory
with no trailing slash. PR 48304.
[Matthew Byng-Maddick <matthew byng-maddick>]
*) mod_session_crypto: Add a SessionCryptoPassphraseFile directive so that
the administrator can hide the keys from the configuration. [Graham
*) Introduce a per request version of the remote IP address, which can be
optionally modified by a module when the effective IP of the client
is not the same as the real IP of the client (such as a load balancer).
Introduce a per connection "peer_ip" and a per request "client_ip" to
distinguish between the raw IP address of the connection and the effective
IP address of the request. [Graham Leggett]
*) ap_pass_brigade_fchk() function added. [Jim Jagielski]
*) core: Pass ap_errorlog_info struct to error log hook. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_cache_disk: Make sure we check return codes on all writes and
attempts to close, and clean up after ourselves in these cases.
PR43589. [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_cache_disk: Remove the unnecessary intermediate brigade while
writing to disk. Fixes a problem where mod_disk_cache was leaving
buckets in the intermediate brigade and not passing them to out on
exit. [Florian S. <f_los_ch>, Graham Leggett]
*) mod_ssl: use a shorter setting for SSLCipherSuite in the default
default configuration file, and add some more information about
configuring a speed-optimized alternative.
[Kaspar Brand]
*) mod_ssl: drop support for the SSLv2 protocol. [Kaspar Brand]
*) mod_lua: Stop losing track of all but the most specific LuaHook* directives
when multiple per-directory config sections are used. Adds LuaInherit
directive to control how parent sections are merged. [Eric Covener]
*) Server directive display (-L): Include directives of DSOs.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) mod_cache: Make sure we merge headers correctly when we handle a
non cacheable conditional response. PR52120. [Graham Leggett]
*) Pre GA removal of components that will not be included:
- mod_noloris was superseded by mod_reqtimeout
- mod_serf
- mpm_simple
[Rainer Jung]
*) core: Set MaxMemFree 2048 by default. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mpm_event: Fix assertion failure during very high load. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) configure: Additional modules loaded by default: mod_headers.
Modules moved from module set "few" to "most" and no longer loaded
by default: mod_actions, mod_allowmethods, mod_auth_form, mod_buffer,
mod_cgi(d), mod_include, mod_negotiation, mod_ratelimit, mod_request,
mod_userdir. [Rainer Jung]
*) mod_lua: Use the right lua scope when used as a hook. [Rainer Jung]
*) configure: Only load the really imporant modules (i.e. those enabled by
the 'few' selection) by default. Don't handle modules enabled with
--enable-foo specially. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) end-generation hook: Fix false notification of end-of-generation for
temporary intervals with no active MPM children. [Jeff Trawick]
*) mod_ssl: Add support for configuring persistent TLS session ticket
encryption/decryption keys (useful for clustered environments).
[Paul Querna, Kaspar Brand]
*) mod_usertrack: Use random value instead of remote IP address.
[Stefan Fritsch]
Changes with Apache 2.3.15
*) SECURITY: CVE-2011-3348 (
mod_proxy_ajp: Respond with HTTP_NOT_IMPLEMENTED when the method is not
recognized. [Jean-Frederic Clere]
*) SECURITY: CVE-2011-3192 (
core: Fix handling of byte-range requests to use less memory, to avoid
denial of service. If the sum of all ranges in a request is larger than
the original file, ignore the ranges and send the complete file.
PR 51714. [Stefan Fritsch, Jim Jagielski, Ruediger Pluem, Eric Covener,
*) SECURITY: CVE-2011-3607 (
core: Fix integer overflow in ap_pregsub. This can be triggered e.g.
with mod_setenvif via a malicious .htaccess. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) configure: Load all modules in the generated default configuration
when using --enable-load-all-modules. [Rainer Jung]
*) mod_reqtimeout: Change the default to set some reasonable timeout
values. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) core, mod_dav_fs: Change default ETag to be "size mtime", i.e. remove
the inode. PR 49623. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_lua: Expose SSL variables via r:ssl_var_lookup(). [Eric Covener]
*) mod_lua: LuaHook{AccessChecker,AuthChecker,CheckUserID,TranslateName}
can now additionally be run as "early" or "late" relative to other modules.
[Eric Covener]
*) configure: By default, only load those modules that are either required
or explicitly selected by a configure --enable-foo argument. The
LoadModule statements for modules enabled by --enable-mods-shared=most
and friends will be commented out. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_lua: Prevent early Lua hooks (LuaHookTranslateName and
LuaHookQuickHandler) from being configured in <Directory>, <Files>,
and htaccess where the configuration would have been ignored.
[Eric Covener]
*) mod_lua: Resolve "attempt to index local 'r' (a userdata value)" errors
in LuaMapHandler scripts [Eric Covener]
*) mod_log_debug: Rename optional argument from if= to expr=, to be more
in line with other config directives. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_headers: Require an expression to be specified with expr=, to be more
in line with other config directives. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_substitute: To prevent overboarding memory usage, limit line length
to 1MB. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_lua: Make the query string (r.args) writable. [Eric Covener]
*) mod_include: Add support for application/x-www-form-urlencoded encoding
and decoding. [Graham Leggett]
*) rotatelogs: Add -c option to force logfile creation in every rotation
interval, even if empty. [Jan Kaluža <jkaluza>]
*) core: Limit ap_pregsub() to 64K, add ap_pregsub_ex() for longer strings.
[Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_session_crypto: Refactor to support the new apr_crypto API.
[Graham Leggett]
*) http: Add missing Location header if local URL-path is used as
ErrorDocument for 30x. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_buffer: Make sure we step down for subrequests, but not for internal
redirects triggered by mod_rewrite. [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_lua: add r:construct_url as a wrapper for ap_construct_url.
[Eric Covener]
*) mod_remote_ip: Fix configuration of internal proxies. PR 49272.
[Jim Riggs <jim riggs me>]
*) mpm_winnt: Handle AcceptFilter 'none' mode correctly; resolve specific
server IP endpoint and remote client IP upon connection. [William Rowe]
*) mod_setenvif: Remove OID match which is obsoleted by SetEnvIfExpr with
PeerExtList(). [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mpm_prefork, mpm_worker, mpm_event: If a child is created just before
graceful restart and then exits because of a missing lock file, don't
shutdown the whole server. PR 39311. [Shawn Michael
<smichael rightnow com>]
*) mpm_event: Check the return value from ap_run_create_connection.
PR: 41194. [Davi Arnaut]
*) mod_mime_magic: Add signatures for PNG and SWF to the example config.
PR: 48352. [Jeremy Wagner-Kaiser <jwagner-kaiser adknowledge com>]
*) core, unixd: Add -D DUMP_RUN_CFG option to dump some configuration items
from the parsed (or default) config. This is useful for init scripts that
need to setup temporary directories and permissions. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) core, mod_actions, mod_asis: Downgrade error log messages which accompany
a 404 request status from loglevel error to info. PR: 35768. [Stefan
*) core: Fix hook sorting with Perl modules. PR: 45076. [Torsten Foertsch
<torsten foertsch gmx net>]
*) core: Enforce LimitRequestFieldSize after multiple headers with the same
name have been merged. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_ssl: If MaxMemFree is set, ask OpenSSL >= 1.0.0 to reduce memory
usage. PR 51618. [Cristian Rodríguez <crrodriguez opensuse org>,
Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_ssl: At startup, when checking a server certificate whether it
matches the configured ServerName, also take dNSName entries in the
subjectAltName extension into account. PR 32652, PR 47051. [Kaspar Brand]
*) mod_substitute: Reduce memory usage and copying of data. PR 50559.
[Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_ssl/proxy: enable the SNI extension for backend TLS connections
[Kaspar Brand]
*) Add wrappers for malloc, calloc, realloc that check for out of memory
situations and use them in many places. PR 51568, PR 51569, PR 51571.
[Stefan Fritsch]
*) Fix cross-compilation of mod_cgi/mod_cgid when APR_HAVE_STRUCT_RLIMIT is
false but RLIMIT_* are defined. PR51371. [Eric Covener]
*) core: Correctly obey ServerName / ServerAlias if the Host header from the
request matches the VirtualHost address.
PR 51709. [Micha Lenk <micha>]
*) mod_unique_id: Use random number generator to initialize counter.
PR 45110. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) core: Add convenience API for apr_random. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) core: Add MaxRangeOverlaps and MaxRangeReversals directives to control
the number of overlapping and reversing ranges (respectively) permitted
before returning the entire resource, with a default limit of 20.
[Jim Jagielski]
*) mod_ldap: Optional function uldap_ssl_supported(r) always returned false
if called from a virtual host with mod_ldap directives in it. Did not
affect mod_authnz_ldap's usage of mod_ldap. [Eric Covener]
*) mod_filter: Instead of dropping the Accept-Ranges header when a filter
registered with AP_FILTER_PROTO_NO_BYTERANGE is present,
set the header value to "none". [Eric Covener, Ruediger Pluem]
*) core: Allow MaxRanges none|unlimited|default and set 'Accept-Ranges: none'
in the case Ranges are being ignored with MaxRanges none.
[Eric Covener]
*) mod_ssl: revamp CRL-based revocation checking when validating
certificates of clients or proxied servers. Completely delegate
CRL processing to OpenSSL, and add a new [Proxy]CARevocationCheck
directive for controlling the revocation checking mode. [Kaspar Brand]
*) core: Add MaxRanges directive to control the number of ranges permitted
before returning the entire resource, with a default limit of 200.
[Eric Covener]
*) mod_cache: Ensure that CacheDisable can correctly appear within
a LocationMatch. [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_cache: Fix the moving of the CACHE filter, which erroneously
stood down if the original filter was not added by configuration.
[Graham Leggett]
*) mod_ssl: improve certificate error logging. PR 47408. [Kaspar Brand]
*) mod_authz_groupfile: Increase length limit of lines in the group file to
16MB. PR 43084. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) core: Increase length limit of lines in the configuration file to 16MB.
PR 45888. PR 50824. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) core: Add API for resizable buffers. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_ldap: Enable LDAPConnectionTimeout for LDAP toolkits that have
as Tivoli Directory Server 6.3 and later. [Eric Covener]
*) mod_ldap: Change default number of retries from 10 to 3, and add
an LDAPRetries and LDAPRetryDelay directives. [Eric Covener]
*) mod_authnz_ldap: Don't retry during authentication, because this just
multiplies the ample retries already being done by mod_ldap. [Eric Covener]
*) configure: Allow to explicitly disable modules even with module selection
'reallyall'. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_rewrite: Check validity of each internal (int:) RewriteMap even if the
RewriteEngine is disabled in server context, avoiding a crash while
referencing the invalid int: map at runtime. PR 50994.
[Ben Noordhuis <info noordhuis nl>]
*) mod_ssl, configure: require OpenSSL 0.9.7 or later. [Kaspar Brand]
*) mod_ssl: remove ssl_toolkit_compat layer. [Kaspar Brand]
*) mod_ssl, configure, ab: drop support for RSA BSAFE SSL-C toolkit.
[Kaspar Brand]
*) mod_usertrack: Run mod_usertrack earlier in the fixups hook to ensure the
cookie is set when modules such as mod_rewrite trigger a redirect. Also
use r->err_headers_out for the cookie, for the same reason. PR29755.
[Sami J. Mäkinen <sjm almamedia fi>, Eric Covener]
*) mod_proxy_http, mod_proxy_connect: Add 'proxy-status' and
'proxy-source-port' request notes for logging. PR 30195. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) configure: Enable ldap modules in 'all' and 'most' selections if ldap
is compiled into apr-util. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) core: Add ap_check_cmd_context()-check if a command is executed in
.htaccess file. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_deflate: Fix endless loop if first bucket is metadata. PR 51590.
[Torsten Foertsch <torsten foertsch gmx net>]
*) mod_authn_socache: Fix to work in .htaccess if not configured anywhere
in httpd.conf, and introduce an AuthnCacheEnable directive.
PR 51991 [Nick Kew]
*) mod_xml2enc: new (formerly third-party) module supporting
internationalisation for filters via smart charset sniffing
and conversion. [Nick Kew]
*) mod_proxy_html: new (formerly third-party) module to fix up
HTML links in a reverse proxy situation, where a backend
generates URLs that are not resolvable by Clients. [Nick Kew]
Changes with Apache 2.3.14
*) mod_proxy_ajp: Improve trace logging. [Rainer Jung]
*) mod_proxy_ajp: Respect "reuse" flag in END_REPONSE packets.
[Rainer Jung]
*) mod_proxy: enable absolute URLs to be rewritten with ProxyPassReverse,
e.g. to reverse proxy "Location: https://other-internal-server/login"
[Nick Kew]
*) prefork, worker, event: Make sure crashes are logged to the error log if
httpd has already detached from the console. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) prefork, worker, event: Reduce period during startup/restart where a
successive signal may be lost. PR 43696. [Arun Bhalla <arun shme net>]
*) mod_allowmethods: Correct Merging of "reset" and do not allow an
empty parameter list for the AllowMethods directive. [Rainer Jung]
*) configure: Update selection of modules for 'all' and 'most'. 'all' will
now enable all modules except for example and test modules. Make the
selection for 'most' more useful (including ssl and proxy). Both 'all'
and 'most' will now disable modules if dependencies are missing instead
of aborting. If a specific module is requested with --enable-XXX=yes,
missing dependencies will still cause configure to exit with an error.
[Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_ldap: Revert the integration of apr-ldap as ap_ldap which was done
in 2.3.13. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) core: For '*' or '_default_' vhosts, use a wildcard address of any
address family, rather than IPv4 only. [Joe Orton]
*) core, mod_rewrite, mod_ssl, mod_nw_ssl: Make the SERVER_NAME variable
include [ ] for literal IPv6 addresses, as mandated by RFC 3875.
PR 26005. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_negotiation: Fix parsing of Content-Length in type maps. PR 42203.
[Nagae Hidetake <nagae eagan jp>]
*) core: Add more logging to ap_scan_script_header_err* functions. Add
ap_scan_script_header_err*_ex functions that take a module index for
mod_cgi, mod_cgid, mod_proxy_fcgi, mod_proxy_scgi, mod_isapi: Use the
new functions in order to make logging configurable per-module.
[Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_dir: Add DirectoryIndexRedirect to send an external redirect to
the proper index. [Eric Covener]
*) mod_deflate: Don't try to compress requests with a zero sized body.
PR 51350. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) core: Fix startup on IPv6-only systems. PR 50592. [Joe Orton,
<root linkage white-void net>]
*) suexec: Add environment variables CONTEXT_DOCUMENT_ROOT, CONTEXT_PREFIX,
whitelist in suexec. PR 51499. [Graham Laverty <graham reg ca>,
Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_rewrite: Fix regexp RewriteCond with NoCase. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_log_debug: New module that allows to log custom messages at various
phases in the request processing. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_ssl: Add some debug logging when loading server certificates.
PR 37912. [Nick Burch <nick burch alfresco com>]
*) configure: Support reallyall option also for --enable-mods-static.
[Rainer Jung]
*) mod_socache_dc: add --with-distcache to configure for choosing
the distcache installation directory. [Rainer Jung]
*) mod_socache_dc: use correct build variable MOD_SOCACHE_DC_LDADD
instead of MOD_SOCACHE_LDADD in build macro. [Rainer Jung]
*) mod_lua, mod_deflate: respect platform specific runpath linker
flag. [Rainer Jung]
*) configure: Only link the httpd binary against PCRE. No other support
binary needs PCRE. [Rainer Jung]
*) configure: tolerate dependency checking failures for modules if
they have been enabled implicitely. [Rainer Jung]
*) configure: Allow to specify module specific custom linker flags via
the MOD_XXX_LDADD variables. [Rainer Jung]
Changes with Apache 2.3.13
*) ab: Support specifying the local address to use. PR 48930.
[Peter Schuller <scode spotify com>]
*) core: Add support to ErrorLogFormat for logging the system unique
thread id under Linux. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) event: New AsyncRequestWorkerFactor directive to influence how many
connections will be accepted per process. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) prefork, worker, event: Rename MaxClients to MaxRequestWorkers which
describes more accurately what it does. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) rotatelogs: Add -p argument to specify custom program to invoke
after a log rotation. PR 51285. [Sven Ulland <sveniu>,
Joe Orton]
*) mod_ssl: Don't do OCSP checks for valid self-issued certs. [Kaspar Brand]
*) mod_ssl: Avoid unnecessary renegotiations with SSLVerifyDepth 0.
PR 48215. [Kaspar Brand]
*) mod_status: Display information about asynchronous connections in the
server-status. PR 44377. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mpm_event: If the number of connections of a process is very high, or if
all workers are busy, don't accept new connections in that process.
[Stefan Fritsch]
*) mpm_event: Process lingering close asynchronously instead of tying up
worker threads. [Jeff Trawick, Stefan Fritsch]
*) mpm_event: If MaxMemFree is set, limit the number of pools that is kept
around. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mpm_event: Fix graceful restart aborting connections. PR 43359.
[Takashi Sato <takashi lans-tv com>]
*) mod_ssl: Disable AECDH ciphers in example config. PR 51363.
[Rob Stradling <rob comodo com>]
*) core: Introduce new function ap_get_conn_socket() to access the socket of
a connection. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_data: Introduce a filter to support RFC2397 data URLs. [Graham
*) mod_userdir/mod_alias/mod_vhost_alias: Correctly set DOCUMENT_ROOT,
[Stefan Fritsch]
*) core: Allow to override document_root on a per-request basis. Introduce
new context_document_root and context_prefix which provide information
about non-global URI-to-directory mappings (from e.g. mod_userdir or
mod_alias) to scripts. PR 49705. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) core: Add <ElseIf> and <Else> to complement <If> sections.
[Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_ext_filter: Remove DebugLevel option in favor of per-module loglevel.
[Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_include: Make the "#if expr" element use the new "ap_expr" expression
parser. The old parser can still be used by setting the new directive
SSILegacyExprParser. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) core: Add some features to ap_expr for use by mod_include: a restricted
mode that does not allow to bypass request access restrictions; new
variables DOCUMENT_URI (alias for REQUEST_URI), LAST_MODIFIED; -A as an
alias for -U; an additional data entry in ap_expr_eval_ctx_t for use by
the consumer; an extensible ap_expr_exec_ctx() API that allows to use that
data entry. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_include: Merge directory configs instead of one SSI* config directive
causing all other per-directory SSI* config directives to be reset.
[Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_charset_lite: Remove DebugLevel option in favour of per-module
loglevel. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) core: Add ap_regexec_len() function that works with non-null-terminated
strings. PR 51231. [Yehezkel Horowitz <horowity checkpoint com>]
*) mod_authnz_ldap: If the LDAP server returns constraint violation,
don't treat this as an error but as "auth denied". [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_proxy_fcgi|scgi: Add support for "best guess" of PATH_INFO
for SCGI/FCGI. PR 50880, 50851. [Mark Montague <mark>,
Jim Jagielski]
*) mod_cache: When content is served stale, and there is no means to
revalidate the content using ETag or Last-Modified, and we have
mandated no stale-on-error behaviour, stand down and don't cache.
Saves a cache write that will never be read.
[Graham Leggett]
*) mod_reqtimeout: Fix a timed out connection going into the keep-alive
state after a timeout when discarding a request body. PR 51103.
[Stefan Fritsch]
*) core: Add various file existance test operators to ap_expr.
[Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_proxy_express: New mass reverse-proxy switch extension for
mod_proxy. [Jim Jagielski]
*) configure: Fix script error when configuring module set "reallyall".
[Rainer Jung]
Changes with Apache 2.3.12
*) configure, core: Provide easier support for APR's hook probe
capability. [Jim Jagielski, Jeff Trawick]
*) Silence autoconf 2.68 warnings. [Rainer Jung]
*) mod_authnz_ldap: Resolve crash when LDAP is used for authorization only
[Scott Hill <shill>]
*) support: Make sure check_forensic works with mod_unique_id loaded
[Joe Schaefer]
*) Add child_status hook for tracking creation/termination of MPM child
processes. Add end_generation hook for notification when the last
MPM child of a generation exits. [Jeff Trawick]
*) mod_ldap: Make LDAPSharedCacheSize 0 create a non-shared-memory cache per
process as opposed to disabling caching completely. This allows to use
the non-shared-memory cache as a workaround for the shared memory cache
not being available during graceful restarts. PR 48958. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) Add new ap_reserve_module_slots/ap_reserve_module_slots_directive API,
necessary if a module (like mod_perl) registers additional modules late
in the startup phase. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) core: Prevent segfault if DYNAMIC_MODULE_LIMIT is reached. PR 51072.
[Torsten Förtsch <torsten foertsch gmx net>]
*) WinNT MPM: Improve robustness under heavy load. [Jeff Trawick]
*) MinGW build improvements. PR 49535. [John Vandenberg
<jayvdb>, Jeff Trawick]
*) core: Support module names with colons in loglevel configuration.
[Torsten Förtsch <torsten foertsch gmx net>]
*) mod_ssl, ab: Support OpenSSL compiled without SSLv2 support.
[Stefan Fritsch]
*) core: Abort if the MPM is changed across restart. [Jeff Trawick]
*) mod_proxy_ajp: Add support for 'ProxyErrorOverride on'. PR 50945.
[Peter Pramberger <peter>, Jim Jagielski]
*) mod_proxy_fcgi: Add support for 'ProxyErrorOverride on'. PR 50913.
[Mark Montague <mark>, Jim Jagielski]
*) core: Change the APIs of ap_cfg_getline() and ap_cfg_getc() to return an
error code. Abort with a nice error message if a config line is too long.
Partial fix for PR 50824. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_info: Dump config to stdout during startup if -DDUMP_CONFIG is
specified. PR 31956. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) Restore visibility of DEFAULT_PIDLOG to core and modules. MPM
helper function ap_remove_pid() added. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Enable DEFAULT_REL_RUNTIMEDIR on Windows and NetWare. [various]
*) Correct C++ incompatibility with http_log.h. [Stefan Fritsch, Jeff
*) mod_log_config: Prevent segfault. PR 50861. [Torsten Förtsch
*) core: AllowEncodedSlashes new option NoDecode to allow encoded slashes
in request URL path info but not decode them. Change behavior of option
"On" to decode the encoded slashes as 2.0 and 2.2 do. PR 35256,
PR 46830. [Dan Poirier]
*) mod_ssl: Check SNI hostname against Host header case-insensitively.
PR 49491. [Mayank Agrawal <magrawal.08>]
*) mod_ldap: Add LDAPConnectionPoolTTL to give control over lifetime
of bound backend LDAP connections. PR47634 [Eric Covener]
*) mod_cache: Make CacheEnable and CacheDisable configurable per
directory in addition to per server, making them work from within
a LocationMatch. [Graham Leggett]
*) worker, event, prefork: Correct several issues when built as
DSOs; most notably, the scoreboard was reinitialized during graceful
restart, such that processes of the previous generation were not
observable. [Jeff Trawick]
Changes with Apache 2.3.11
*) mod_win32: Added shebang check for '! so that .vbs scripts work as CGI.
Win32's cscript interpreter can only use a single quote as comment char.
[Guenter Knauf]
*) mod_proxy: balancer-manager now uses POST instead of GET.
[Jim Jagielski]
*) core: new util function: ap_parse_form_data(). Previously,
this capability was tucked away in mod_request. [Jim Jagielski]
*) core: new hook: ap_run_pre_read_request. [Jim Jagielski]
*) modules: Fix many modules that were not correctly initializing if they
were not active during server startup but got enabled later during a
graceful restart. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) core: Create new ap_state_query function that allows modules to determine
if the current configuration run is the initial one at server startup,
and if the server is started for testing/config dumping only.
[Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_proxy: Runtime configuration of many parameters for existing
balancers via the balancer-manager. [Jim Jagielski]
*) mod_proxy: Runtime addition of new workers (BalancerMember) for existing
balancers via the balancer-manager. [Jim Jagielski]
*) mod_cache: When a bad Expires date is present, we need to behave as if
the Expires is in the past, not as if the Expires is missing. PR 16521.
[Co-Advisor <coad>]
*) mod_cache: We must ignore quoted-string values that appear in a
Cache-Control header. PR 50199. [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_dav: Revert change to send 501 error if unknown Content-* header is
received for a PUT request. PR 42978. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_cache: Respect s-maxage as described by RFC2616 14.9.3, which must
take precedence if present. PR 35247. [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_ssl: Fix a possible startup failure if multiple SSL vhosts
are configured with the same ServerName and private key file.
[Masahiro Matsuya <mmatsuya>, Joe Orton]
*) mod_socache_dc: Make module compile by fixing some typos.
PR 50735 [Mark Montague <mark>]
*) prefork: Update MPM state in children during a graceful stop or
restart. PR 41743. [Andrew Punch <andrew.punch>]
*) mod_mime: Ignore leading dots when looking for mime extensions.
PR 50434 [Stefan Fritsch]
*) core: Add support to set variables with the 'Define' directive. The
variables that can then be used in the config using the ${VAR} syntax
known from envvar interpolation. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_proxy_http: make adding of X-Forwarded-* headers configurable.
ProxyAddHeaders defaults to On. [Vincent Deffontaines]
*) mod_slotmem_shm: Increase memory alignment for slotmem data.
[Rainer Jung]
*) mod_ssl: Add config options for OCSP: SSLOCSPResponderTimeout,
SSLOCSPResponseMaxAge, SSLOCSPResponseTimeSkew.
[Kaspar Brand <httpd-dev.2011>]
*) mod_ssl: Revamp output buffering to reduce network overhead for
output fragmented into many buckets, such as chunked HTTP responses.
[Joe Orton]
*) core: Apply <If> sections to all requests, not only to file base requests.
Allow to use <If> inside <Directory>, <Location>, and <Files> sections.
The merging of <If> sections now happens after the merging of <Location>
sections, even if an <If> section is embedded inside a <Directory> or
<Files> section. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_proxy: Refactor usage of shared data by dropping the scoreboard
and using slotmem. Create foundation for dynamic growth/changes of
members within a balancer. Remove BalancerNonce in favor of a
per-balancer 'nonce' parameter. [Jim Jagielski]
*) mod_status: Don't show slots which are disabled by MaxClients as open.
PR: 47022 [Jordi Prats <jordi prats gmail com>, Stefan Fritsch]
*) mpm_prefork: Fix ap_mpm_query results for AP_MPMQ_MAX_DAEMONS and
*) mod_authz_core: Fix bug in merging logic if user-based and non-user-based
authorization directives were mixed. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_authn_socache: change directive name from AuthnCacheProvider
to AuthnCacheProvideFor. The term "provider" is overloaded in
this module, and we should avoid confusion between the provider
of a backend (AuthnCacheSOCache) and the authn provider(s) for
which this module provides cacheing (AuthnCacheProvideFor).
[Nick Kew]
*) mod_proxy_http: Allocate the fake backend request from a child pool
of the backend connection, instead of misusing the pool of the frontend
request. Fixes a thread safety issue where buckets set aside in the
backend connection leak into other threads, and then disappear when
the frontend request is cleaned up, in turn causing corrupted buckets
to make other threads spin. [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_ssl: Change the format of the SSL_{CLIENT,SERVER}_{I,S}_DN variables
to be RFC 2253 compatible, convert non-ASCII characters to UTF8, and
escape other special characters with backslashes. The old format can
still be used with the LegacyDNStringFormat argument to SSLOptions.
*) core, mod_rewrite: Make the REQUEST_SCHEME variable available to
scripts and mod_rewrite. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_rewrite: Allow to use arbitrary boolean expressions (ap_expr) in
RewriteCond. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_rewrite: Allow to unset environment variables using E=!VAR.
PR 49512. [Mark Drayton <mark markdrayton info>, Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_headers: Restore the 2.3.8 and earlier default for the first
argument of the Header directive ("onsuccess"). [Eric Covener]
*) core: Disallow the mixing of relative and absolute Options PR 33708.
[Sönke Tesch <st>]
*) core: When exporting request headers to HTTP_* environment variables,
drop variables whose names contain invalid characters. Describe in the
docs how to restore the old behaviour. [Malte S. Stretz <mss apache org>]
*) core: When selecting an IP-based virtual host, favor an exact match for
the port over a wildcard (or omitted) port instead of favoring the one
that came first in the configuration file. [Eric Covener]
*) core: Overlapping virtual host address/port combinations now implicitly
enable name-based virtual hosting for that address. The NameVirtualHost
directive has no effect, and _default_ is interpreted the same as "*".
[Eric Covener]
*) core: In the absence of any Options directives, the default is now
"FollowSymlinks" instead of "All". [Igor Galić]
*) rotatelogs: Add -e option to write logs through to stdout for optional
further processing. [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_ssl: Correctly read full lines in input filter when the line is
incomplete during first read. PR 50481. [Ruediger Pluem]
*) mod_authz_core: Add AuthzSendForbiddenOnFailure directive to allow
sending '403 FORBIDDEN' instead of '401 UNAUTHORIZED' if authorization
fails for an authenticated user. PR 40721. [Stefan Fritsch]
Changes with Apache 2.3.10
*) mod_rewrite: Don't implicitly URL-escape the original query string
when no substitution has changed it. PR 50447. [Eric Covener]
*) core: Honor 'AcceptPathInfo OFF' during internal redirects,
such as per-directory mod_rewrite substitutions. PR 50349.
[Eric Covener]
*) mod_rewrite: Add 'RewriteOptions InheritBefore' to put the base
rules/conditions before the overridden rules/conditions. PR 39313.
[Jérôme Grandjanny <jerome.grandjanny>]
*) mod_autoindex: add IndexIgnoreReset to reset the list of IndexIgnored
filenames in higher precedence configuration sections. PR 24243.
[Eric Covener]
*) mod_cgid: RLimit* directive support for mod_cgid. PR 42135
[Eric Covener]
*) core: Fail startup when the argument to ServerName looks like a glob
or a regular expression instead of a hostname (*?[]). PR 39863
[Rahul Nair <rahul.g.nair>]
*) mod_userdir: Add merging of enable, disable, and filename arguments
to UserDir directive, leaving enable/disable of userlists unmerged.
PR 44076 [Eric Covener]
*) httpd: When no -k option is provided on the httpd command line, the server
was starting without checking for an existing pidfile. PR 50350
[Eric Covener]
*) mod_proxy: Put the worker in error state if the SSL handshake with the
backend fails. PR 50332.
[Daniel Ruggeri <DRuggeri>, Ruediger Pluem]
*) mod_cache_disk: Fix Windows build which was broken after renaming
the module. [Gregg L. Smith]
Changes with Apache 2.3.9
*) SECURITY: CVE-2010-1623 (
Fix a denial of service attack against mod_reqtimeout.
[Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_headers: Change default first argument of Header directive
from "onsuccess" to "always". [Eric Covener]
*) mod_include: Add the onerror attribute to the include element,
allowing an URL to be specified to include on error. [Graham
*) mod_cache_disk: mod_disk_cache renamed to mod_cache_disk, to be
consistent with the naming of other modules. [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_setenvif: Add SetEnvIfExpr directive to set env var depending on
expression. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_proxy: Fix ProxyPassInterpolateEnv directive. PR 50292.
[Stefan Fritsch]
*) suEXEC: Add Suexec directive to disable suEXEC without renaming the
binary (Suexec Off), or force startup failure if suEXEC is required
but not supported (Suexec On). Change SuexecUserGroup to fail
startup instead of just printing a warning if suEXEC is disabled.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) core: Add Error directive for aborting startup or htaccess processing
with a specified error message. [Jeff Trawick]
*) mod_rewrite: Fix the RewriteEngine directive to work within a
location. Previously, once RewriteEngine was switched on globally,
it was impossible to switch off. [Graham Leggett]
*) core, mod_include, mod_ssl: Move the expression parser derived from
mod_include back into mod_include. Replace ap_expr with a parser
derived from mod_ssl's parser. Make mod_ssl use the new parser. Rework
ap_expr's public interface and provide hooks for modules to add variables
and functions. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) core: Do the hook sorting earlier so that the hooks are properly sorted
for the pre_config hook and during parsing the config. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) core: In the absence of any AllowOverride directives, the default is now
"None" instead of "All". PR49823 [Eric Covener]
*) mod_proxy: Don't allow ProxyPass or ProxyPassReverse in
<Directory> or <Files>. PR47765 [Eric Covener]
*) prefork/worker/event MPMS: default value (when no directive is present)
of MaxConnectionsPerChild/MaxRequestsPerChild is changed to 0 from 10000
to match default configuration and manual. PR47782 [Eric Covener]
*) proxy_connect: Don't give up in the middle of a CONNECT tunnel
when the child process is starting to exit. PR50220. [Eric Covener]
*) mod_autoindex: Fix inheritance of mod_autoindex directives into
contexts that don't have any mod_autoindex directives. PR47766.
[Eric Covener]
*) mod_rewrite: Add END flag for RewriteRule to prevent further rounds
of rewrite processing when a per-directory substitution occurs.
[Eric Covener]
*) mod_ssl: Make sure to always log an error if loading of CA certificates
fails. PR 40312. [Paul Tiemann <issues apache org ourdetour com>]
*) mod_dav: Send 501 error if unknown Content-* header is received for a PUT
request (RFC 2616 9.6). PR 42978. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_dav: Send 400 error if malformed Content-Range header is received for
a put request (RFC 2616 14.16). PR 49825. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_proxy: Release the backend connection as soon as EOS is detected,
so the backend isn't forced to wait for the client to eventually
acknowledge the data. [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_proxy: Optimise ProxyPass within a Location so that it is stored
per-directory, and chosen during the location walk. Make ProxyPass
work correctly from within a LocationMatch. [Graham Leggett]
*) core: Fix segfault if per-module LogLevel is on virtual host
scope. PR 50117. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_proxy: Move the ProxyErrorOverride directive to have per
directory scope. [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_allowmethods: New module to deny certain HTTP methods without
interfering with authentication/authorization. [Paul Querna,
Igor Galić, Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_ssl: Log certificate information and improve error message if client
cert verification fails. PR 50093, PR 50094. [Lassi Tuura <lat cern ch>,
Stefan Fritsch]
*) htcacheclean: Teach htcacheclean to limit cache size by number of
inodes in addition to size of files. Prevents a cache disk from
running out of space when many small files are cached.
[Graham Leggett]
*) core: Rename MaxRequestsPerChild to MaxConnectionsPerChild, which
describes more accurately what the directive does. The old name
still works but logs a warning. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_cache: Optionally serve stale data when a revalidation returns a
5xx response, controlled by the CacheStaleOnError directive.
[Graham Leggett]
*) htcacheclean: Allow the listing of valid URLs within the cache, with
the option to list entry metadata such as sizes and times. [Graham
*) mod_cache: correctly parse quoted strings in cache headers.
PR 50199 [Nick Kew]
*) mod_cache: Allow control over the base URL of reverse proxied requests
using the CacheKeyBaseURL directive, so that the cache key can be
calculated from the endpoint URL instead of the server URL. [Graham
*) mod_cache: CacheLastModifiedFactor, CacheStoreNoStore, CacheStorePrivate,
CacheStoreExpired, CacheIgnoreNoLastMod, CacheDefaultExpire,
CacheMinExpire and CacheMaxExpire can be set per directory/location.
[Graham Leggett]
*) mod_disk_cache: CacheMaxFileSize, CacheMinFileSize, CacheReadSize and
CacheReadTime can be set per directory/location. [Graham Leggett]
*) core: Speed up config parsing if using a very large number of config
files. PR 50002 [andrew cloudaccess net]
*) mod_cache: Support the caching of HEAD requests. [Graham Leggett]
*) htcacheclean: Allow the option to round up file sizes to a given
block size, improving the accuracy of disk usage. [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_ssl: Add authz providers for use with mod_authz_core and its
RequireAny/RequireAll containers: 'ssl' (equivalent to SSLRequireSSL),
'ssl-verify-client' (for use with 'SSLVerifyClient optional'), and
'ssl-require' (expressions with same syntax as SSLRequire).
[Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_ssl: Make the ssl expression parser thread-safe. It now requires
bison instead of yacc. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_disk_cache: Change on-disk header file format to support the
link of the device/inode of the data file to the matching header
file, and to support the option of not writing a data file when
the data file is empty. [Graham Leggett]
*) core/mod_unique_id: Add generate_log_id hook to allow to use
the ID generated by mod_unique_id as error log ID for requests.
[Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_cache: Make sure that we never allow a 304 Not Modified response
that we asked for to leak to the client should the 304 response be
uncacheable. PR45341 [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_cache: Add the cache_status hook to register the final cache
decision hit/miss/revalidate. Add optional support for an X-Cache
and/or an X-Cache-Detail header to add the cache status to the
response. PR48241 [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_authz_host: Add 'local' provider that matches connections originating
on the local host. PR 19938. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) Event MPM: Fix crash accessing pollset on worker thread when child
process is exiting. [Jeff Trawick]
*) core: For process invocation (cgi, fcgid, piped loggers and so forth)
pass the system library path (LD_LIBRARY_PATH or platform-specific
variables) along with the system PATH, by default. Both should be
overridden together as desired using PassEnv etc; see mod_env.
[William Rowe]
*) mod_cache: Introduce CacheStoreExpired, to allow administrators to
capture a stale backend response, perform If-Modified-Since requests
against the backend, and serving from the cache all 304 responses.
This restores pre-2.2.4 cache behavior. [William Rowe]
*) mod_rewrite: Introduce <=, >= string comparison operators, and integer
comparators -lt, -le, -eq, -ge, and -gt. To help bash users and drop
the ambiguity of the symlink test "-ltest", introduce -h or -L as
symlink test operators. [William Rowe]
*) mod_cache: Give the cache provider the opportunity to choose to cache
or not cache based on the buckets present in the brigade, such as the
presence of a FILE bucket.
[Graham Leggett]
*) mod_authz_core: Allow authz providers to check args while reading the
config and allow to cache parsed args. Move 'all' and 'env' authz
providers from mod_authz_host to mod_authz_core. Add 'method' authz
provider depending on the HTTP method. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_include: Move the request_rec within mod_include to be
exposed within include_ctx_t. [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_include: Reinstate support for UTF-8 character sets by allowing a
variable being echoed or set to be decoded and then encoded as separate
steps. PR47686 [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_cache: Add a discrete commit_entity() provider function within the
mod_cache provider interface which is called to indicate to the
provider that caching is complete, giving the provider the opportunity
to commit temporary files permanently to the cache in an atomic
fashion. Replace the inconsistent use of error cleanups with a formal
set of pool cleanups attached to a subpool, which is destroyed on error.
[Graham Leggett]
*) mod_cache: Change the signature of the store_body() provider function
within the mod_cache provider interface to support an "in" brigade
and an "out" brigade instead of just a single input brigade. This
gives a cache provider the option to consume only part of the brigade
passed to it, rather than the whole brigade as was required before.
This fixes an out of memory and a request timeout condition that would
occur when the original document was a large file. Introduce
CacheReadSize and CacheReadTime directives to mod_disk_cache to control
the amount of data to attempt to cache at a time. [Graham Leggett]
*) core: Add ErrorLogFormat to allow configuring error log format, including
additional information that is logged once per connection or request. Add
error log IDs for connections and request to allow correlating error log
lines and the corresponding access log entry. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) core: Disable sendfile by default. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_cache: Check the request to determine whether we are allowed
to return cached content at all, and respect a "Cache-Control:
no-cache" header from a client. Previously, "no-cache" would
behave like "max-age=0". [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_cache: Use a proper filter context to hold filter data instead
of misusing the per-request configuration. Fixes a segfault on trunk
when the normal handler is used. [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_cgid: Log a warning if the ScriptSock path is truncated because
it is too long. PR 49388. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) vhosts: Do not allow _default_ in NameVirtualHost, or mixing *
and non-* ports on NameVirtualHost, or multiple NameVirtualHost
directives for the same address:port, or NameVirtualHost
directives with no matching VirtualHosts, or multiple ip-based
VirtualHost sections for the same address:port. These were
previously accepted with a warning, but the behavior was
undefined. [Dan Poirier]
*) mod_remoteip: Fix a segfault when using mod_remoteip in conjunction with
Allow/Deny. PR 49838. [Andrew Skalski <voltara>]
*) core: DirectoryMatch can now match on the end of line character ($),
and sub-directories of matched directories are no longer implicitly
matched. PR49809 [Eric Covener]
*) Regexps: introduce new higher-level regexp utility including parsing
and executing perl-style regexp ops (e.g s/foo/bar/i) and regexp memory
[Nick Kew]
*) Proxy: support setting source address. PR 29404
[Multiple contributors iterating through bugzilla,
Aron Ujvari <xanco>, Aleksey Midenkov <asm>,
<dan; trunk version Nick Kew]
*) HTTP protocol: return 400 not 503 if we have to abort due to malformed
chunked encoding. [Nick Kew]
Changes with Apache 2.3.8
*) suexec: Support large log files. PR 45856. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) core: Abort with sensible error message if no or more than one MPM is
loaded. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_proxy: Rename erroronstatus to failonstatus.
[Daniel Ruggeri <DRuggeri>]
*) mod_dav_fs: Fix broken "creationdate" property.
Regression in version 2.3.7. [Rainer Jung]
Changes with Apache 2.3.7
*) SECURITY: CVE-2010-1452 (
mod_dav, mod_cache, mod_session: Fix Handling of requests without a path
segment. PR: 49246 [Mark Drayton, Jeff Trawick]
*) mod_ldap: Properly check the result returned by apr_ldap_init. PR 46076.
[Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_rewrite: Log errors if rewrite map files cannot be opened. PR 49639.
[Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_proxy_http: Support the 'ping' property for backend HTTP/1.1 servers
via leveraging 100-Continue as the initial "request".
[Jim Jagielski]
*) core/mod_authz_core: Introduce new access_checker_ex hook that enables
mod_authz_core to bypass authentication if access should be allowed by
IP address/env var/... [Stefan Fritsch]
*) core: Introduce note_auth_failure hook to allow modules to add support
for additional auth types. This makes ap_note_auth_failure() work with
mod_auth_digest again. PR 48807. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) socache modules: return APR_NOTFOUND when a lookup is not found [Nick Kew]
*) mod_authn_socache: new module [Nick Kew]
*) configure: Add reallyall option for --enable-mods-shared. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) Fix Windows build when using VC6. [Gregg L. Smith <lists glewis com>]
*) mod_rewrite: Allow to set environment variables without explicitly
giving a value. [Rainer Jung]
*) mod_rewrite: Remove superfluous EOL from rewrite logging. [Rainer Jung]
*) mod_include: recognise "text/html; parameters" as text/html
PR 49616 [Andrey Chernov <ache>]
*) CGI vars: allow PATH to be set by SetEnv, consistent with LD_LIBRARY_PATH
PR 43906 [Nick Kew]
*) Core: Extra robustness: don't try authz and segfault if authn
fails to set r->user. Log bug and return 500 instead.
PR 42995 [Nick Kew]
*) HTTP protocol filter: fix handling of longer chunk extensions
PR 49474 [<tee.bee>]
*) Update SSL cipher suite and add example for SSLHonorCipherOrder.
[Lars Eilebrecht, Rainer Jung]
*) move AddOutputFilterByType from core to mod_filter. This should
fix nasty side-effects that happen when content_type is set
more than once in processing a request, and make it fully
compatible with dynamic and proxied contents. [Nick Kew]
*) mod_log_config: Implement logging for sub second timestamps and
request end time. [Rainer Jung]
Changes with Apache 2.3.6
*) SECURITY: CVE-2009-3555 (
mod_ssl: Comprehensive fix of the TLS renegotiation prefix injection
attack when compiled against OpenSSL version 0.9.8m or later. Introduces
the 'SSLInsecureRenegotiation' directive to reopen this vulnerability
and offer unsafe legacy renegotiation with clients which do not yet
support the new secure renegotiation protocol, RFC 5746.
[Joe Orton, and with thanks to the OpenSSL Team]
*) SECURITY: CVE-2009-3555 (
mod_ssl: A partial fix for the TLS renegotiation prefix injection attack
by rejecting any client-initiated renegotiations. Forcibly disable
keepalive for the connection if there is any buffered data readable. Any
configuration which requires renegotiation for per-directory/location
access control is still vulnerable, unless using OpenSSL >= 0.9.8l.
[Joe Orton, Ruediger Pluem, Hartmut Keil <Hartmut.Keil>]
*) SECURITY: CVE-2010-0408 (
mod_proxy_ajp: Respond with HTTP_BAD_REQUEST when the body is not sent
when request headers indicate a request body is incoming; not a case of
HTTP_INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR. [Niku Toivola <niku.toivola>]
*) SECURITY: CVE-2010-0425 (
mod_isapi: Do not unload an isapi .dll module until the request
processing is completed, avoiding orphaned callback pointers.
[Brett Gervasoni <brettg>, Jeff Trawick]
*) core: Filter init functions are now run strictly once per request
before handler invocation. The init functions are no longer run
for connection filters. PR 49328. [Joe Orton]
*) core: Adjust the output filter chain correctly in an internal
redirect from a subrequest, preserving filters from the main
request as necessary. PR 17629. [Joe Orton]
*) mod_cache: Explicitly allow cache implementations to cache a 206 Partial
Response if they so choose to do so. Previously an attempt to cache a 206
was arbitrarily allowed if the response contained an Expires or
Cache-Control header, and arbitrarily denied if both headers were missing.
[Graham Leggett]
*) core: Add microsecond timestamp fractions, process id and thread id
to the error log. [Rainer Jung]
*) configure: The "most" module set gets build by default. [Rainer Jung]
*) configure: Building dynamic modules (DSO) by default. [Rainer Jung]
*) configure: Fix broken VPATH build when using included APR.
[Rainer Jung]
*) mod_session_crypto: Fix configure problem when building
with APR 2 and for VPATH builds with included APR.
[Rainer Jung]
*) mod_session_crypto: API compatibility with APR 2 crypto and
APR Util 1.x crypto. [Rainer Jung]
*) ab: Fix memory leak with -v2 and SSL. PR 49383.
[Pavel Kankovsky <peak argo troja mff cuni cz>]
*) core: Add per-module and per-directory loglevel configuration.
Add some more trace logging.
mod_rewrite: Replace RewriteLog/RewriteLogLevel with trace log levels.
mod_ssl: Replace LogLevelDebugDump with trace log levels.
mod_ssl/mod_proxy*: Adjust loglevels to be less verbose at levels info
and debug.
mod_dumpio: Replace DumpIOLogLevel with trace log levels.
[Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_ldap: LDAP caching was suppressed (and ldap-status handler returns
title page only) when any mod_ldap directives were used in VirtualHost
context. [Eric Covener]
*) mod_disk_cache: Decline the opportunity to cache if the response is
a 206 Partial Content. This stops a reverse proxied partial response
from becoming cached, and then being served in subsequent responses.
[Graham Leggett]
*) mod_deflate: avoid the risk of forwarding data before headers are set.
PR 49369 [Matthew Steele <mdsteele>]
*) mod_authnz_ldap: Ensure nested groups are checked when the
top-level group doesn't have any direct non-group members
of attributes in AuthLDAPGroupAttribute. [Eric Covener]
*) mod_authnz_ldap: Search or Comparison during authorization phase
can use the credentials from the authentication phase
PR 48340 [Domenico Rotiroti, Eric Covener]
*) mod_authnz_ldap: Allow the initial DN search during authentication
to use the HTTP username/pass instead of an anonymous or hard-coded
LDAP id (AuthLDAPInitialBindAsUser, AuthLDAPInitialBindPattern).
[Eric Covener]
*) mod_authnz_ldap: Publish requested LDAP data with an AUTHORIZE_ prefix
when this module is used for authorization. See AuthLDAPAuthorizePrefix.
PR 45584 [Eric Covener]
*) apxs -q: Stop filtering out ':' characters from the reported values.
PR 45343. [Bill Cole]
*) prefork MPM: Work around possible crashes on child exit in APR reslist
cleanup code. PR 43857. [Tom Donovan]
*) ab: fix number of requests sent by ab when keepalive is enabled. PR 48497.
[Bryn Dole <dole>]
*) Log an error for failures to read a chunk-size, and return 408 instead of
413 when this is due to a read timeout. This change also fixes some cases
of two error documents being sent in the response for the same scenario.
[Eric Covener] PR49167
*) mod_proxy_balancer: Add new directive BalancerNonce to allow admin
to control/set the nonce used in the balancer-manager application.
[Jim Jagielski]
*) mod_proxy_connect: Support port ranges in AllowConnect. PR 23673.
[Stefan Fritsch]
*) Proxy balancer: support setting error status according to HTTP response
code from a backend. PR 48939. [Daniel Ruggeri <DRuggeri>]
*) htcacheclean: Introduce the ability to clean specific URLs from the
cache, if provided as an optional parameter on the command line.
[Graham Leggett]
*) core: Introduce the IncludeStrict directive, which explicitly fails
server startup if no files or directories match a wildcard path.
[Graham Leggett]
*) htcacheclean: Report additional statistics about entries deleted.
PR 48944. [Mark Drayton mark]
*) Introduce SSLFIPS directive to support OpenSSL FIPS_mode; permits all
builds of mod_ssl to use 'SSLFIPS off' for portability, but the proper
build of openssl is required for 'SSLFIPS on'. PR 46270.
[Dr Stephen Henson <steve>, William Rowe]
*) mod_proxy_http: Log the port of the remote server in various messages.
PR 48812. [Igor Galić <i galic brainsware org>]
*) mod_reqtimeout: Do not wrongly enforce timeouts for mod_proxy's backend
connections and other protocol handlers (like mod_ftp). [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_proxy_ajp: Really regard the operation a success, when the client
aborted the connection. In addition adjust the log message if the client
aborted the connection. [Ruediger Pluem]
*) mod_ssl: Add the 'SSLInsecureRenegotiation' directive, which
allows insecure renegotiation with clients which do not yet
support the secure renegotiation protocol. [Joe Orton]
*) mod_ssl: Fix a potential I/O hang if a long list of trusted CAs
is configured for client cert auth. PR 46952. [Joe Orton]
*) core: Only log a 408 if it is no keepalive timeout. PR 39785
[Ruediger Pluem, Mark Montague <markmont>]
*) support/rotatelogs: Add -L option to create a link to the current
log file. PR 48761 [<lyndon>, Dan Poirier]
*) mod_ldap: Update LDAPTrustedClientCert to consistently be a per-directory
setting only, matching most of the documentation and examples.
PR 46541 [Paul Reder, Eric Covener]
*) mod_ldap: LDAPTrustedClientCert now accepts CA_DER/CA_BASE64 argument
types previously allowed only in LDAPTrustedGlobalCert. [Eric Covener]
*) mod_negotiation: Preserve query string over multiviews negotiation.
This buglet was fixed for type maps in 2.2.6, but the same issue
affected multiviews and was overlooked.
PR 33112 [Joergen Thomsen <apache>]
*) mod_ldap: Eliminate a potential crash with multiple LDAPTrustedClientCert
when some are not password-protected. [Eric Covener]
*) Fix startup segfault when the Mutex directive is used but no loaded
modules use httpd mutexes. PR 48787. [Jeff Trawick]
*) Proxy: get the headers right in a HEAD request with
ProxyErrorOverride, by checking for an overridden error
before not after going into a catch-all code path.
PR 41646. [Nick Kew, Stuart Children]
*) support/rotatelogs: Support the simplest log rotation case, log
truncation. Useful when the log is being processed in real time
using a command like tail. [Graham Leggett]
*) support/htcacheclean: Teach it how to write a pid file (modelled on
httpd's writing of a pid file) so that it becomes possible to run
more than one instance of htcacheclean on the same machine.
[Graham Leggett]
*) Log command line on startup, so there's a record of command line
arguments like -f. PR 48752. [Dan Poirier]
*) Introduce mod_reflector, a handler capable of reflecting POSTed
request bodies back within the response through the output filter
stack. Can be used to turn an output filter into a web service.
[Graham Leggett]
*) mod_proxy_http: Make sure that when an ErrorDocument is served
from a reverse proxied URL, that the subrequest respects the status
of the original request. This brings the behaviour of proxy_handler
in line with default_handler. PR 47106. [Graham Leggett]
*) Support wildcards in both the directory and file components of
the path specified by the Include directive. [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_proxy, mod_proxy_http: Support remote https proxies
by using HTTP CONNECT. PR 19188.
[Philippe Dutrueux <lilas>, Rainer Jung]
*) apxs: Fix -A and -a options to ignore whitespace in httpd.conf
[Philip M. Gollucci]
*) worker: Don't report server has reached MaxClients until it has.
Add message when server gets within MinSpareThreads of MaxClients.
PR 46996. [Dan Poirier]
*) mod_session: Session expiry was being initialised, but not updated
on each session save, resulting in timed out sessions when there
should not have been. Fixed. [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_log_config: Add the R option to log the handler used within the
request. [Christian Folini <christian.folini netnea com>]
*) mod_include: Allow fine control over the removal of Last-Modified and
ETag headers within the INCLUDES filter, making it possible to cache
responses if desired. Fix the default value of the SSIAccessEnable
directive. [Graham Leggett]
*) Add new UnDefine directive to undefine a variable. PR 35350.
[Stefan Fritsch]
*) Make ap_pregsub(), used by AliasMatch and friends, use the same syntax
for regex backreferences as mod_rewrite and mod_include: Remove the use
of '&' as an alias for '$0' and allow to escape any character with a
backslash. PR 48351. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_authnz_ldap: If AuthLDAPCharsetConfig is set, also convert the
password to UTF-8. PR 45318.
[Johannes Müller <joh_m>, Stefan Fritsch]
*) ab: Fix calculation of requests per second in HTML output. PR 48594.
[Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_authnz_ldap: Failures to map a username to a DN, or to check a user
password now result in an informational level log entry instead of
warning level. [Eric Covener]
Changes with Apache 2.3.5
*) SECURITY: CVE-2010-0434 (
Ensure each subrequest has a shallow copy of headers_in so that the
parent request headers are not corrupted. Eliminates a problematic
optimization in the case of no request body. PR 48359
[Jake Scott, William Rowe, Ruediger Pluem]
*) Turn static function get_server_name_for_url() into public
ap_get_server_name_for_url() and use it where appropriate. This
fixes mod_rewrite generating invalid URLs for redirects to IPv6
literal addresses. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_ldap: Introduce new config option LDAPTimeout to set the timeout
for LDAP operations like bind and search. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_proxy, mod_proxy_ftp: Move ProxyFtpDirCharset from mod_proxy to
mod_proxy_ftp. [Takashi Sato]
*) mod_proxy, mod_proxy_connect: Move AllowCONNECT from mod_proxy to
mod_proxy_connect. [Takashi Sato]
*) mod_cache: Do an exact match of the keys defined by
CacheIgnoreURLSessionIdentifiers against the querystring instead of
a partial match. PR 48401.
[Dodou Wang <wangdong.08>, Ruediger Pluem]
*) mod_proxy_balancer: Fix crash in balancer-manager. [Rainer Jung]
*) Core HTTP: disable keepalive when the Client has sent
Expect: 100-continue
but we respond directly with a non-100 response.
Keepalive here led to data from clients continuing being treated as
a new request.
PR 47087 [Nick Kew]
*) Core: reject NULLs in request line or request headers.
PR 43039 [Nick Kew]
*) Core: (re)-introduce -T commandline option to suppress documentroot
check at startup.
PR 41887 [Jan van den Berg <janvdberg>]
*) mod_autoindex: support XHTML as equivalent to HTML in IndexOptions,
ScanHTMLTitles, ReadmeName, HeaderName
PR 48416 [Dmitry Bakshaev <dab18>, Nick Kew]
*) Proxy: Fix ProxyPassReverse with relative URL
Derived (slightly erroneously) from PR 38864 [Nick Kew]
*) mod_headers: align Header Edit with Header Set when used on Content-Type
PR 48422 [Cyril Bonté <cyril.bonte>, Nick Kew>]
*) mod_headers: Enable multi-match-and-replace edit option
PR 46594 [Nick Kew]
*) mod_filter: enable it to act on non-200 responses.
PR 48377 [Nick Kew]
Changes with Apache 2.3.4
*) Replace AcceptMutex, LockFile, RewriteLock, SSLMutex, SSLStaplingMutex,
and WatchdogMutexPath with a single Mutex directive. Add APIs to
simplify setup and user customization of APR proc and global mutexes.
(See util_mutex.h.) Build-time setting DEFAULT_LOCKFILE is no longer
respected; set DEFAULT_REL_RUNTIMEDIR instead. [Jeff Trawick]
*) http_core: KeepAlive no longer accepts other than On|Off.
[Takashi Sato]
*) mod_dav: Remove errno from dav_error interface. Calls to dav_new_error()
and dav_new_error_tag() must be adjusted to add an apr_status_t parameter.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) mod_authnz_ldap: Add AuthLDAPBindAuthoritative to allow Authentication to
try other providers in the case of an LDAP bind failure.
PR 46608 [Justin Erenkrantz, Joe Schaefer, Tony Stevenson]
*) Build: fix --with-module to work as documented
PR 43881 [Gez Saunders <gez.saunders>]
Changes with Apache 2.3.3
*) SECURITY: CVE-2009-3095 (
mod_proxy_ftp: sanity check authn credentials.
[Stefan Fritsch <sf>, Joe Orton]
*) SECURITY: CVE-2009-3094 (
mod_proxy_ftp: NULL pointer dereference on error paths.
[Stefan Fritsch <sf>, Joe Orton]
*) mod_ssl: enable support for ECC keys and ECDH ciphers. Tested against
OpenSSL 1.0.0b3. [Vipul Gupta <vipul.gupta>, Sander Temme]
*) mod_dav: Include uri when logging a PUT error due to connection abort.
PR 38149. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_dav: Return 409 instead of 500 for a LOCK request if the parent
resource does not exist or is not a collection. PR 43465. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_dav_fs: Return 409 instead of 500 for Litmus test case copy_nodestcoll
(a COPY request where the parent of the destination resource does not
exist). PR 39299. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_dav_fs: Don't delete the whole file if a PUT with content-range failed.
PR 42896. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_dav_fs: Make PUT create files atomically and no longer destroy the
old file if the transfer aborted. PR 39815. [Paul Querna, Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_dav_fs: Remove inode keyed locking as this conflicts with atomically
creating files. On systems with inode numbers, this is a format change of
the DavLockDB. The old DavLockDB must be deleted on upgrade.
[Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_log_config: Make ${cookie}C correctly match whole cookie names
instead of substrings. PR 28037. [Dan Franklin <dan>,
Stefan Fritsch]
*) vhost: A purely-numeric Host: header should not be treated as a port.
PR 44979 [Nick Kew]
*) mod_ldap: Avoid 500 errors with "Unable to set LDAP_OPT_REFHOPLIMIT option to 5"
when built against openldap by using SDK LDAP_OPT_REFHOPLIMIT defaults unless
LDAPReferralHopLimit is explicitly configured.
[Eric Covener]
*) mod_charset_lite: Honor 'CharsetOptions NoImplicitAdd'.
[Eric Covener]
*) mod_ssl: Add support for OCSP Stapling. PR 43822.
[Dr Stephen Henson <shenson>]
*) mod_socache_shmcb: Allow parens in file name if cache size is given.
Fixes SSLSessionCache directive mis-parsing parens in pathname.
PR 47945. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) htpasswd: Improve out of disk space handling. PR 30877. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) htpasswd: Use MD5 hash by default on all platforms. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_sed: Reduce memory consumption when processing very long lines.
PR 48024 [Basant Kumar Kukreja <basant.kukreja>]
*) ab: Fix segfault in case the argument for -n is a very large number.
PR 47178. [Philipp Hagemeister <oss>]
*) Allow ProxyPreserveHost to work in <Proxy> sections. PR 34901.
[Stefan Fritsch]
*) configure: Fix THREADED_MPMS so that mod_cgid is enabled again
for worker MPM. [Takashi Sato]
*) mod_dav: Provide a mechanism to obtain the request_rec and pathname
from the dav_resource. [Jari Urpalainen <jari.urpalainen>,
Brian France <brian>]
*) Build: Use install instead of cp if available on installing
modules to avoid segmentation fault. PR 47951. [hirose31]
*) mod_cache: correctly consider s-maxage in cacheability
decisions. [Dan Poirier]
*) mod_logio/core: Report more accurate byte counts in mod_status if
mod_logio is loaded. PR 25656. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_ldap: If LDAPSharedCacheSize is too small, try harder to purge
some cache entries and log a warning. Also increase the default
LDAPSharedCacheSize to 500000. This is a more realistic size suitable
for the default values of 1024 for LdapCacheEntries/LdapOpCacheEntries.
PR 46749. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_rewrite: Make sure that a hostname:port isn't fully qualified if
the request is a CONNECT request. [Bill Zajac <billz>]
*) mod_cache: Teach CacheEnable and CacheDisable to work from within a
Location section, in line with how ProxyPass works. [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_reqtimeout: New module to set timeouts and minimum data rates for
receiving requests from the client. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) core: Fix potential memory leaks by making sure to not destroy
bucket brigades that have been created by earlier filters.
[Stefan Fritsch]
*) core, mod_deflate, mod_sed: Reduce memory usage by reusing bucket
brigades in several places. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_cache: Fix uri_meets_conditions() so that CacheEnable will
match by scheme, or by a wildcarded hostname. PR 40169
[Peter Grandi <pg_asf>, Graham Leggett]
*) suxec: Allow to log an error if exec fails by setting FD_CLOEXEC
on the log file instead of closing it. PR 10744. [Nicolas Rachinsky]
*) mod_mime: Make RemoveType override the info from TypesConfig.
PR 38330. [Stefan Fritsch]
*) mod_cache: Introduce the option to run the cache from within the
normal request handler, and to allow fine grained control over
where in the filter chain content is cached. [Graham Leggett]
*) core: Treat timeout reading request as 408 error, not 400.
Log 408 errors in access log as was done in Apache 1.3.x.
PR 39785 [Nobutaka Mantani <nobutaka>,
Stefan Fritsch <sf>, Dan Poirier]
*) mod_ssl: Reintroduce SSL_CLIENT_S_DN, SSL_CLIENT_I_DN, SSL_SERVER_S_DN,
SSL_SERVER_I_DN back to the environment variables to be set by mod_ssl.
[Peter Sylvester <peter.sylvester>]
*) mod_disk_cache: don't cache incomplete responses, per RFC 2616, 13.8.
PR15866. [Dan Poirier]
*) ab: ab segfaults in verbose mode on https sites
PR46393. [Ryan Niebur]
*) mod_dav: Allow other modules to become providers and add resource types
to the DAV response. [Jari Urpalainen <jari.urpalainen>,
Brian France <brian>]
*) mod_dav: Allow other modules to add things to the DAV or Allow headers
of an OPTIONS request. [Jari Urpalainen <jari.urpalainen>,
Brian France <brian>]
*) core: Lower memory usage of core output filter.
[Stefan Fritsch <sf>]
*) mod_mime: Detect invalid use of MultiviewsMatch inside Location and
LocationMatch sections. PR47754. [Dan Poirier]
*) mod_request: Make sure the KeptBodySize directive rejects values
that aren't valid numbers. [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_session_crypto: Sanity check should the potentially encrypted
session cookie be too short. [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_session.c: Prevent a segfault when session is added but not
configured. [Graham Leggett]
*) htcacheclean: 19 ways to fail, 1 error message. Fixed. [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_auth_digest: Fail server start when nonce count checking
is configured without shared memory, or md5-sess algorithm is
configured. [Dan Poirier]
*) mod_proxy_connect: The connect method doesn't work if the client is
connecting to the apache proxy through an ssl socket. Fixed.
PR29744. [Brad Boyer, Mark Cave-Ayland, Julian Gilbey, Fabrice Durand,
David Gence, Tim Dodge, Per Gunnar Hans, Emmanuel Elango,
Kevin Croft, Rudolf Cardinal]
*) mod_ssl: The error message when SSLCertificateFile is missing should
at least give the name or position of the problematic virtual host
definition. [Stefan Fritsch sf]
*) mod_auth_digest: Fix null pointer when qop=none. [Dan Poirier]
*) Add support for HTTP PUT to ab. [Jeff Barnes <jbarnesweb>]
*) mod_headers: generalise the envclause to support expression
evaluation with ap_expr parser [Nick Kew]
*) mod_cache: Introduce the thundering herd lock, a mechanism to keep
the flood of requests at bay that strike a backend webserver as
a cached entity goes stale. [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_auth_digest: Fix usage of shared memory and re-enable it.
PR 16057 [Dan Poirier]
*) Preserve Port information over internal redirects
PR 35999 [Jonas Ringh <jonas.ringh>]
*) Proxy: unable to connect to a backend is SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE,
rather than BAD_GATEWAY or (especially) NOT_FOUND.
PR 46971 [evanc]
*) Various modules: Do better checking of pollset operations in order to
avoid segmentation faults if they fail. PR 46467
[Stefan Fritsch <sf>]
*) mod_autoindex: Correctly create an empty cell if the description
for a file is missing. PR 47682 [Peter Poeml <poeml>]
*) ab: Fix broken error messages after resolver or connect() failures.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) SECURITY: CVE-2009-1890 (
Fix a potential Denial-of-Service attack against mod_proxy in a
reverse proxy configuration, where a remote attacker can force a
proxy process to consume CPU time indefinitely. [Nick Kew, Joe Orton]
*) SECURITY: CVE-2009-1191 (
mod_proxy_ajp: Avoid delivering content from a previous request which
failed to send a request body. PR 46949 [Ruediger Pluem]
*) htdbm: Fix possible buffer overflow if dbm database has very
long values. PR 30586 [Dan Poirier]
*) core: Return APR_EOF if request body is shorter than the length announced
by the client. PR 33098 [ Stefan Fritsch <sf>]
*) mod_suexec: correctly set suexec_enabled when httpd is run by a
non-root user and may have insufficient permissions.
PR 42175 [Jim Radford <radford>]
*) mod_ssl: Fix SSL_*_DN_UID variables to use the 'userID' attribute
type. PR 45107. [Michael Ströder <michael>,
Peter Sylvester <peter.sylvester>]
*) mod_proxy_http: fix case sensitivity checking transfer encoding
PR 47383 [Ryuzo Yamamoto <ryuzo.yamamoto>]
*) mod_alias: ensure Redirect issues a valid URL.
PR 44020 [Håkon Stordahl <hakon>]
*) mod_dir: add FallbackResource directive, to enable admin to specify
an action to happen when a URL maps to no file, without resorting
to ErrorDocument or mod_rewrite. PR 47184 [Nick Kew]
*) mod_cgid: Do not leak the listening Unix socket file descriptor to the
CGI process. PR 47335 [Kornél Pál <kornelpal>]
*) mod_rewrite: Remove locking for writing to the rewritelog.
PR 46942 [Dan Poirier <poirier>]
*) mod_alias: check sanity in Redirect arguments.
PR 44729 [Sönke Tesch <st>, Jim Jagielski]
*) mod_proxy_http: fix Host: header for literal IPv6 addresses.
PR 47177 [Carlos Garcia Braschi <cgbraschi>]
*) mod_cache: Add CacheIgnoreURLSessionIdentifiers directive to ignore
defined session identifiers encoded in the URL when caching.
[Ruediger Pluem]
*) mod_rewrite: Fix the error string returned by RewriteRule.
RewriteRule returned "RewriteCond: bad flag delimiters" when the 3rd
argument of RewriteRule was not started with "[" or not ended with "]".
PR 45082 [Vitaly Polonetsky <m_vitaly>]
*) Windows: Fix usage message.
[Rainer Jung]
*) apachectl: When passing through arguments to httpd in
non-SysV mode, use the "$@" syntax to preserve arguments.
[Eric Covener]
*) mod_dbd: add DBDInitSQL directive to enable SQL statements to
be run when a connection is opened. PR 46827
[Marko Kevac <mkevac>]
*) mod_cgid: Improve handling of long AF_UNIX socket names (ScriptSock).
PR 47037. [Jeff Trawick]
*) mod_proxy_ajp: Check more strictly that the backend follows the AJP
protocol. [Mladen Turk]
*) mod_proxy_ajp: Forward remote port information by default.
[Rainer Jung]
*) Allow MPMs to be loaded dynamically, as with most other modules. Use
--enable-mpms-shared={list|"all"} to enable. This required changes to
the MPM interfaces. Removed: mpm.h, mpm_default.h (as an installed
header), APACHE_MPM_DIR, MPM_NAME, ap_threads_per_child,
ap_max_daemons_limit, ap_my_generation, etc. ap_mpm_query() can't be
called until after the register-hooks phase. [Jeff Trawick]
*) mod_ssl: Add SSLProxyCheckPeerExpire and SSLProxyCheckPeerCN directives
to enable stricter checking of remote server certificates.
[Ruediger Pluem]
*) ab: Fix a 100% CPU loop on platforms where a failed non-blocking connect
returns EINPROGRESS and a subsequent poll() returns only POLLERR.
Observed on HP-UX. [Eric Covener]
*) Remove broken support for BeOS, TPF, and even older platforms such
as A/UX, Next, and Tandem. [Jeff Trawick]
*) mod_proxy_ftp: Add ProxyFtpListOnWildcard directive to allow files with
globbing characters to be retrieved instead of converted into a
directory listing. PR 46789 [Dan Poirier <poirier>]
*) Provide ap_retained_data_create()/ap_retained_data_get() for preservation
of module state across unload/load. [Jeff Trawick]
*) mod_substitute: Fix a memory leak. PR 44948
[Dan Poirier <poirier>]
Changes with Apache 2.3.2
*) mod_mime_magic: Fix detection of compressed content. [Rainer Jung]
*) mod_negotiation: Escape pathes of filenames in 406 responses to avoid
HTML injections and HTTP response splitting. PR 46837.
[Geoff Keating <geoffk>]
*) mod_ssl: add support for type-safe STACK constructs in OpenSSL
development HEAD. PR 45521. [Kaspar Brand, Sander Temme]
*) ab: Fix maintenance of the pollset to resolve EALREADY errors
with kqueue (BSD/OS X) and excessive CPU with event ports (Solaris).
PR 44584. Use APR_POLLSET_NOCOPY for better performance with some
pollset implementations. [Jeff Trawick]
*) mod_disk_cache: The module now turns off sendfile support if
'EnableSendfile off' is defined globally. [Lars Eilebrecht]
*) mod_deflate: Adjust content metadata before bailing out on 304
responses so that the metadata does not differ from 200 response.
[Roy T. Fielding]
*) mod_deflate: Fix creation of invalid Etag headers. We now make sure
that the Etag value is properly quoted when adding the gzip marker.
PR 39727, 45023. [Lars Eilebrecht, Roy T. Fielding]
*) Added 20x22 icons for ODF, SVG, and XML documents. PR 37185.
[Peter Harlow]
*) Disabled DefaultType directive and removed ap_default_type()
from core. We now exclude Content-Type from responses for which
a media type has not been configured via mime.types, AddType,
ForceType, or some other mechanism. PR 13986. [Roy T. Fielding]
*) mod_rewrite: Add IPV6 variable to RewriteCond
[Ryan Phillips <ryan-apache>]
*) core: Enhance KeepAliveTimeout to support a value in milliseconds.
PR 46275. [Takashi Sato]
*) rotatelogs: Allow size units B, K, M, G and combination of
time and size based rotation. [Rainer Jung]
*) rotatelogs: Add flag for verbose (debug) output. [Rainer Jung]
*) mod_ssl: Fix merging of SSLRenegBufferSize directive. PR 46508
*) core: Translate the the status line to ASCII on EBCDIC platforms in
ap_send_interim_response() and for locally generated "100 Continue"
responses. [Eric Covener]
*) prefork: Fix child process hang during graceful restart/stop in
configurations with multiple listening sockets. PR 42829. [Joe Orton,
Jeff Trawick]
*) mod_session_crypto: Ensure that SessionCryptoDriver can only be
set in the global scope. [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_ext_filter: We need to detect failure to startup the filter
program (a mangled response is not acceptable). Fix to detect
failure, and offer configuration option either to abort or
to remove the filter and continue.
PR 41120 [Nick Kew]
*) mod_session_crypto: Rewrite the session_crypto module against the
apr_crypto API. [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_auth_form: Fix a pool lifetime issue, don't remove the subrequest
until the main request is cleaned up. [Graham Leggett]
Changes with Apache 2.3.1
*) ap_slotmem: Add in new slot-based memory access API impl., including
2 providers (mod_sharedmem and mod_plainmem) [Jim Jagielski,
Jean-Frederic Clere, Brian Akins <brian.akins>]
*) mod_include: support generating non-ASCII characters as entities in SSI
PR 25202 [Nick Kew]
*) core/utils: Enhance ap_escape_html API to support escaping non-ASCII chars
PR 25202 [Nick Kew]
*) mod_rewrite: fix "B" flag breakage by reverting r5589343
PR 45529 [Bob Ionescu <bobsiegen>]
*) CGI: return 504 (Gateway timeout) rather than 500 when a script
times out before returning status line/headers.
PR 42190 [Nick Kew]
*) mod_cgid: fix segfault problem on solaris.
PR 39332 [Masaoki Kobayashi <masaoki>]
*) mod_proxy_scgi: Added. [André Malo]
*) mod_cache: Introduce 'no-cache' per-request environment variable
to prevent the saving of an otherwise cacheable response.
[Eric Covener]
*) mod_rewrite: Introduce DiscardPathInfo|DPI flag to stop the troublesome
way that per-directory rewrites append the previous notion of PATH_INFO
to each substitution before evaluating subsequent rules.
PR 38642 [Eric Covener]
*) mod_cgid: Do not add an empty argument when calling the CGI script.
PR 46380 [Ruediger Pluem]
*) scoreboard: Remove unused sb_type from process_score.
[Torsten Foertsch <torsten.foertsch>, Chris Darroch]
*) mod_ssl: Add SSLRenegBufferSize directive to allow changing the
size of the buffer used for the request-body where necessary
during a per-dir renegotiation. PR 39243. [Joe Orton]
*) mod_proxy_fdpass: New module to pass a client connection over to a separate
process that is reading from a unix daemon socket.
*) mod_ssl: Improve environment variable extraction to be more
efficient and to correctly handle DNs with duplicate tags.
PR 45975. [Joe Orton]
*) Remove the obsolete serial attribute from the RPM spec file. Compile
against the external pcre. Add missing binaries fcgistarter, and
mod_socache* and mod_session*. [Graham Leggett]
Changes with Apache 2.3.0
*) mod_ratelimit: New module to do bandwidth rate limiting. [Paul Querna]
*) Remove X-Pad header which was added as a work around to a bug in
Netscape 2.x to 4.0b2. [Takashi Sato <takashi>]
*) Add DTrace Statically Defined Tracing (SDT) probes.
[Theo Schlossnagle <jesus>, Paul Querna]
*) mod_proxy_balancer: Move all load balancing implementations
as individual, self-contained mod_proxy submodules under
modules/proxy/balancers [Jim Jagielski]
*) Rename APIs to include ap_ prefix:
find_child_by_pid -> ap_find_child_by_pid
suck_in_APR -> ap_suck_in_APR
sys_privileges_handlers -> ap_sys_privileges_handlers
unixd_accept -> ap_unixd_accept
unixd_config -> ap_unixd_config
unixd_killpg -> ap_unixd_killpg
unixd_set_global_mutex_perms -> ap_unixd_set_global_mutex_perms
unixd_set_proc_mutex_perms -> ap_unixd_set_proc_mutex_perms
unixd_set_rlimit -> ap_unixd_set_rlimit
[Paul Querna]
*) mod_lbmethod_heartbeat: New module to load balance mod_proxy workers
based on heartbeats. [Paul Querna]
*) mod_heartmonitor: New module to collect heartbeats, and write out a file
so that other modules can load balance traffic as needed. [Paul Querna]
*) mod_heartbeat: New module to generate multicast heartbeats to know if a
server is online. [Paul Querna]
*) mod_buffer: Honour the flush bucket and flush the buffer in the
input filter. Make sure that metadata buckets are written to
the buffer, not to the final brigade. [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_buffer: Optimise the buffering of heap buckets when the heap
buckets stay exactly APR_BUCKET_BUFF_SIZE long. [Graham Leggett,
Ruediger Pluem]
*) mod_buffer: Optional support for buffering of the input and output
filter stacks. Can collapse many small buckets into fewer larger
buckets, and prevents excessively small chunks being sent over
the wire. [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_privileges: new module to make httpd on Solaris privileges-aware
and to enable different virtualhosts to run with different
privileges and Unix user/group IDs [Nick Kew]
*) mod_mem_cache: this module has been removed. [William Rowe]
*) authn/z: Remove mod_authn_default and mod_authz_default.
[Chris Darroch]
*) authz: Fix handling of authz configurations, make default authz
logic replicate 2.2.x authz logic, and replace <Satisfy*>, Reject,
and AuthzMergeRules directives with Match, <Match*>, and AuthzMerge
directives. [Chris Darroch]
*) mod_authn_core: Prevent crash when provider alias created to
provider which is not yet registered. [Chris Darroch]
*) mod_authn_core: Add AuthType of None to support disabling
authentication. [Chris Darroch]
*) core: Allow <Limit> and <LimitExcept> directives to nest, and
constrain their use to conform with that of other access control
and authorization directives. [Chris Darroch]
*) unixd: turn existing code into a module, and turn the set user/group
and chroot into a child_init function. [Nick Kew]
*) mod_dir: Support "DirectoryIndex disabled"
Suggested By André Warnier <aw> [Eric Covener]
*) mod_ssl: Send Content-Type application/ocsp-request for POST requests to
OSCP responders. PR 46014 [Dr Stephen Henson <steve>]
*) mod_authnz_ldap: don't return NULL-valued environment variables to
other modules. PR 39045 [Francois Pesce <francois.pesce>]
*) Don't adjust case in pathname components that are not of interest
to mod_mime. Fixes mod_negotiation's use of such components.
PR 43250 [Basant Kumar Kukreja <basant.kukreja>]
*) Be tolerant in what you accept - accept slightly broken
status lines from a backend provided they include a valid status code.
PR 44995 [Rainer Jung <rainer.jung>]
*) New module mod_sed: filter Request/Response bodies through sed
[Basant Kumar Kukreja <basant.kukreja>]
*) mod_auth_form: Make sure that basic authentication is correctly
faked directly after login. [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_session_cookie, mod_session_dbd: Make sure cookies are set both
within the output headers and error output headers, so that the
session is maintained across redirects. [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_auth_form: Make sure the logged in user is populated correctly
after a form login. Fixes a missing REMOTE_USER variable directly
following a login. [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_session_cookie: Make sure that cookie attributes are correctly
included in the blank cookie when cookies are removed. This fixes an
inability to log out when using mod_auth_form. [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_session: Prevent a segfault when a CGI script sets a cookie with a
null value. [David Shane Holden <dpejesh>]
*) core, authn/z: Determine registered authn/z providers directly in
ap_setup_auth_internal(), which allows optional functions that just
wrapped ap_list_provider_names() to be removed from authn/z modules.
[Chris Darroch]
*) authn/z: Convert common provider version strings to macros.
[Chris Darroch]
*) core: When testing for slash-terminated configuration paths in
ap_location_walk(), don't look past the start of an empty string
such as that created by a <Location ""> directive.
[Chris Darroch]
*) core, mod_proxy: If a kept_body is present, it becomes safe for
subrequests to support message bodies. Make sure that safety
checks within the core and within the proxy are not triggered
when kept_body is present. This makes it possible to embed
proxied POST requests within mod_include. [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_auth_form: Make sure the input filter stack is properly set
up before reading the login form. Make sure the kept body filter
is correctly inserted to ensure the body can be read a second
time safely should the authn be successful. [Graham Leggett,
Ruediger Pluem]
*) mod_request: Insert the KEPT_BODY filter via the insert_filter
hook instead of during fixups. Add a safety check to ensure the
filters cannot be inserted more than once. [Graham Leggett,
Ruediger Pluem]
*) ap_cache_cacheable_headers_out() will (now) always
merge an error headers _before_ clearing them and _before_
merging in the actual entity headers and doing normal
hop-by-hop cleansing. [Dirk-Willem van Gulik].
*) cache: retire ap_cache_cacheable_hdrs_out() which was used
for both in- and out-put headers; and replace it by a single
ap_cache_cacheable_headers() wrapped in a in- and out-put
specific ap_cache_cacheable_headers_in()/out(). The latter
which will also merge error and ensure content-type. To keep
cache modules consistent with ease. This API change bumps
up the minor MM by one [Dirk-Willem van Gulik].
*) Move the KeptBodySize directive, kept_body filters and the
ap_parse_request_body function out of the http module and into a
new module called mod_request, reducing the size of the core.
[Graham Leggett]
*) mod_dbd: Handle integer configuration directive parameters with a
dedicated function.
*) Change the directives within the mod_session* modules to be valid
both inside and outside the location/directory sections, as
suggested by wrowe. [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_auth_form: Add a module capable of allowing end users to log
in using an HTML form, storing the credentials within mod_session.
[Graham Leggett]
*) Add a function to the http filters that is able to parse an HTML
form request with the type of application/x-www-form-urlencoded.
[Graham Leggett]
*) mod_session_crypto: Initialise SSL in the post config hook.
[Ruediger Pluem, Graham Leggett]
*) mod_session_dbd: Add a session implementation capable of storing
session information in a SQL database via the dbd interface. Useful
for sites where session privacy is important. [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_session_crypto: Add a session encoding implementation capable
of encrypting and decrypting sessions wherever they may be stored.
Introduces a level of privacy when sessions are stored on the
browser. [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_session_cookie: Add a session implementation capable of storing
session information within cookies on the browser. Useful for high
volume sites where server bound sessions are too resource intensive.
[Graham Leggett]
*) mod_session: Add a generic session interface to unify the different
attempts at saving persistent sessions across requests.
[Graham Leggett]
*) core, authn/z: Avoid calling access control hooks for internal requests
with configurations which match those of initial request. Revert to
original behaviour (call access control hooks for internal requests
with URIs different from initial request) if any access control hooks or
providers are not registered as permitting this optimization.
Introduce wrappers for access control hook and provider registration
which can accept additional mode and flag data. [Chris Darroch]
*) Introduced ap_expr API for expression evaluation.
This is adapted from mod_include, which is the first module
to use the new API.
[Nick Kew]
*) mod_authz_dbd: When redirecting after successful login/logout per
AuthzDBDRedirectQuery, do not report authorization failure, and use
first row returned by database query instead of last row.
[Chris Darroch]
*) mod_ldap: Correctly return all requested attribute values
when some attributes have a null value.
PR 44560 [Anders Kaseorg <anders>]
*) core: check symlink ownership if both FollowSymlinks and
SymlinksIfOwnerMatch are set [Nick Kew]
*) core: fix origin checking in SymlinksIfOwnerMatch
PR 36783 [Robert L Mathews <>]
*) Activate mod_cache, mod_file_cache and mod_disk_cache as part of the
'most' set for '--enable-modules' and '--enable-shared-mods'. Include
mod_mem_cache in 'all' as well. [Dirk-Willem van Gulik]
*) Also install mod_so.h, mod_rewrite.h and mod_cache.h; as these
contain public function declarations which are useful for
third party module authors. PR 42431 [Dirk-Willem van Gulik].
*) mod_dir, mod_negotiation: pass the output filter information
to newly created sub requests; as these are later on used
as true requests with an internal redirect. This allows for
mod_cache to trap the results of the redirect.
[Dirk-Willem van Gulik, Ruediger Pluem]
*) mod_ldap: Add support (taking advantage of the new APR capability)
for ldap rebind callback while chasing referrals. This allows direct
searches on LDAP servers (in particular MS Active Directory 2003+)
using referrals without the use of the global catalog.
PRs 26538, 40268, and 42557 [Paul J. Reder]
*) ApacheMonitor.exe: Introduce --kill argument for use by the
installer. This will permit the installation tool to remove
all running instances before attempting to remove the .exe.
[William Rowe]
*) mod_ssl: Add support for OCSP validation of client certificates.
PR 41123. [Marc Stern <marc.stern>, Joe Orton]
*) mod_serf: New module for Reverse Proxying. [Paul Querna]
*) core: Add the option to keep aside a request body up to a certain
size that would otherwise be discarded, to be consumed by filters
such as mod_include. When enabled for a directory, POST requests
to shtml files can be passed through to embedded scripts as POST
requests, rather being downgraded to GET requests. [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_ssl: Fix TLS upgrade (RFC 2817) support. PR 41231. [Joe Orton]
*) scoreboard: Correctly declare ap_time_process_request.
PR 43789 [Tom Donovan <Tom.Donovan>]
*) core; scoreboard: ap_get_scoreboard_worker(sbh) now takes the sbh member
from the connection rec, ap_get_scoreboard_worker(proc, thread) will now
provide the unusual legacy lookup. [William Rowe]
*) mpm winnt: fix null pointer dereference
PR 42572 [Davi Arnaut]
*) mod_authnz_ldap, mod_authn_dbd: Tidy up the code to expose authn
parameters to the environment. Improve portability to
EBCDIC machines by using apr_toupper(). [Martin Kraemer]
*) mod_ldap, mod_authnz_ldap: Add support for nested groups (i.e. the ability
to authorize an authenticated user via a "require ldap-group X" directive
where the user is not in group X, but is in a subgroup contained in X.
PR 42891 [Paul J. Reder]
*) mod_ssl: Add support for caching SSL Sessions in memcached. [Paul Querna]
*) apxs: Enhance -q flag to print all known variables and their values
when invoked without variable name(s).
[William Rowe, Sander Temme]
*) apxs: Eliminate run-time check for mod_so. PR 40653.
[David M. Lee <dmlee>]
*) beos MPM: Create pmain pool and run modules' child_init hooks when
entering ap_mpm_run(), then destroy pmain when exiting ap_mpm_run().
[Chris Darroch]
*) netware MPM: Destroy pmain pool when exiting ap_mpm_run() so that
cleanups registered in modules' child_init hooks are performed.
[Chris Darroch]
*) Fix issue which could cause error messages to be written to access logs
on Win32. PR 40476. [Tom Donovan <Tom.Donovan>]
*) The LockFile directive, which specifies the location of
the accept() mutex lockfile, is deprecated. Instead, the
AcceptMutex directive now takes an optional lockfile
location parameter, ala SSLMutex. [Jim Jagielski]
*) mod_authn_dbd: Export any additional columns queried in the SQL select
into the environment with the name AUTHENTICATE_<COLUMN>. This brings
mod_authn_dbd behaviour in line with mod_authnz_ldap. [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_dbd: Key the storage of prepared statements on the hex string
value of server_rec, rather than the server name, as the server name
may change (eg when the server name is set) at any time, causing
weird behaviour in modules dependent on mod_dbd. [Graham Leggett]
*) mod_proxy_fcgi: Added win32 build. [Mladen Turk]
*) sendfile_nonblocking() takes the _brigade_ as an argument, gets
the first bucket from the brigade, finds it not to be a FILE
bucket and barfs. The fix is to pass a bucket rather than a brigade.
[Niklas Edmundsson <nikke>]
*) mod_rewrite: support rewritemap by SQL query [Nick Kew]
*) ap_get_server_version() has been removed. Third-party modules must
now use ap_get_server_banner() or ap_get_server_description().
[Jeff Trawick]
*) All MPMs: Introduce a check_config phase between pre_config and
open_logs, to allow modules to review interdependent configuration
directive values and adjust them while messages can still be logged
to the console. Handle relevant MPM directives during this phase
and format messages for both the console and the error log, as
appropriate. [Chris Darroch]
*) core: Do not allow internal redirects like the DirectoryIndex of mod_dir
to circumvent the symbolic link checks imposed by FollowSymLinks and
SymLinksIfOwnerMatch. [Nick Kew, Ruediger Pluem, William Rowe]
*) New SSLLogLevelDebugDump [ None (default) | IO (not bytes) | Bytes ]
configures the I/O Dump of SSL traffic, when LogLevel is set to Debug.
The default is none as this is far greater debugging resolution than
the typical administrator is prepared to untangle. [William Rowe]
*) mod_disk_cache: If possible, check if the size of an object to cache is
within the configured boundaries before actually saving data.
[Niklas Edmundsson <nikke>]
*) Worker and event MPMs: Remove improper scoreboard updates which were
performed in the event of a fork() failure. [Chris Darroch]
*) Add support for fcgi:// proxies to mod_rewrite.
[Markus Schiegl <ms>]
*) Remove incorrect comments from scoreboard.h regarding conditional
loading of worker_score structure with mod_status, and remove unused
definitions relating to old life_status field.
[Chris Darroch <chrisd>]
*) Remove allocation of memory for unused array of lb_score pointers
in ap_init_scoreboard(). [Chris Darroch <chrisd>]
*) Add mod_proxy_fcgi, a FastCGI back end for mod_proxy.
[Garrett Rooney, Jim Jagielski, Paul Querna]
*) Event MPM: Fill in the scoreboard's tid field. PR 38736.
[Chris Darroch <chrisd>]
*) mod_charset_lite: Remove Content-Length when output filter can
invalidate it. Warn when input filter can invalidate it.
[Jeff Trawick]
*) Authz: Add the new module mod_authn_core that will provide common
authn directives such as 'AuthType', 'AuthName'. Move the directives
'AuthType' and 'AuthName' out of the core module and merge mod_authz_alias
into mod_authn_core. [Brad Nicholes]
*) Authz: Move the directives 'Order', 'Allow', 'Deny' and 'Satisfy'
into the new module mod_access_compat which can be loaded to provide
support for these directives.
[Brad Nicholes]
*) Authz: Move the 'Require' directive from the core module as well as
add the directives '<SatisfyAll>', '<SatisfyOne>', '<RequireAlias>'
and 'Reject' to mod_authz_core. The new directives introduce 'AND/OR'
logic into the authorization processing. [Brad Nicholes]
*) Authz: Add the new module mod_authz_core which acts as the
authorization provider vector and contains common authz
directives. [Brad Nicholes]
*) Authz: Renamed mod_authz_dbm authz providers from 'group' and
'file-group' to 'dbm-group' and 'dbm-file-group'. [Brad Nicholes]
*) Authz: Added the new authz providers 'env', 'ip', 'host', 'all' to handle
host-based access control provided by mod_authz_host and invoked
through the 'Require' directive. [Brad Nicholes]
*) Authz: Convert all of the authz modules from hook based to
provider based. [Brad Nicholes]
*) mod_cache: Add CacheMinExpire directive to set the minimum time in
seconds to cache a document.
[Brian Akins <brian.akins>, Ruediger Pluem]
*) mod_authz_dbd: SQL authz with Login/Session support [Nick Kew]
*) Fix typo in ProxyStatus syntax error message.
[Christophe Jaillet <christophe.jaillet>]
*) Asynchronous write completion for the Event MPM. [Brian Pane]
*) Added an End-Of-Request bucket type. The logging of a request and
the freeing of its pool are now done when the EOR bucket is destroyed.
This has the effect of delaying the logging until right after the last
of the response is sent; ap_core_output_filter() calls the access logger
indirectly when it destroys the EOR bucket. [Brian Pane]
*) Rewrite of logresolve support utility: IPv6 addresses are now supported
and the format of statistical output has changed. [Colm MacCarthaigh]
*) Rewrite of ap_coreoutput_filter to do nonblocking writes [Brian Pane]
*) Added new connection states for handler and write completion
[Brian Pane]
*) mod_cgid: Refuse to work on Solaris 10 due to OS bugs. PR 34264.
[Justin Erenkrantz]
*) Teach mod_ssl to use arbitrary OIDs in an SSLRequire directive,
allowing string-valued client certificate attributes to be used for
access control, as in: SSLRequire "value" in OID("")
[Martin Kraemer, David Reid]
[Apache 2.3.0-dev includes those bug fixes and changes with the
Apache 2.2.xx tree as documented, and except as noted, below.]
Changes with Apache 2.2.x and later:
Changes with Apache 2.0.x and later:
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