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APACHE 2.4 STATUS: -*- mode: text; coding: utf-8 -*-
Last modified at [$Date$]
The current version of this file can be found at:
Documentation status is maintained separately and can be found at:
* docs/STATUS in this source tree, or
The current development branch of this software can be found at:
Consult the following STATUS files for information on related projects:
Patches considered for backport are noted in their branches' STATUS:
Release history:
[NOTE that x.{odd}.z versions are strictly Alpha/Beta releases,
while x.{even}.z versions are Stable/GA releases.]
2.4.3 : Tagged on August 17, 2012.
2.4.2 : Tagged on April 5, 2012. Released Apr 17, 2012.
2.4.1 : Tagged on February 13, 2012. Released Feb 21, 2012.
2.4.0 : Tagged on January 16, 2012, not released.
2.3.16 : Tagged on December 15, 2011.
2.3.15 : Tagged on November 8, 2011. Released Nov. 15, 2011.
2.3.14 : Tagged on August 1, 2011. Released Aug. 9, 2011.
2.3.13 : Tagged on June 28, 2011, not released.
2.3.12 : Tagged on May 11, 2011. Released May 23, 2011.
2.3.11 : Released as Beta on March 7, 2011.
2.3.10 : Tagged on December 13, 2010. Released Dec 21, 2010.
2.3.9 : Tagged on November 23, 2010, not released.
2.3.8 : Tagged on August 24, 2010.
2.3.7 : Tagged on August 19, 2010, not released.
2.3.6 : Released on June 21, 2010.
2.3.5 : Released on January 26, 2010.
2.3.4 : Released on December 8, 2009.
2.3.3 : Tagged on November 11, 2009, not released.
2.3.2 : Tagged on March 23, 2009, not released.
2.3.1 : Tagged on January 2, 2009, not released.
2.3.0 : Tagged on December 6, 2008, not released.
Contributors looking for a mission:
* Just do an egrep on "TODO" or "XXX" in the source.
* Review the bug database at:
* Review the "PatchAvailable" bugs in the bug database:
After testing, you can append a comment saying "Reviewed and tested".
* Open bugs in the bug database.
* See also the STATUS file in the docs/ directory, which lists documentation-specific TODO items.
* Forward binary compatibility is expected of Apache 2.4.x releases, such
that no MMN major number changes will occur after 2.4.1. Such changes can
only be made in the trunk.
* All commits to branches/2.4.x must be reflected in SVN trunk,
as well, if they apply. Logical progression is commit to trunk
then merge into branches/2.4.x, as applicable.
[ start all new proposals below, under PATCHES PROPOSED. ]
[ New proposals should be added at the end of the list ]
* mod_ssl: Add support for Next Protocol Negotiation.
Trunk patch:
2.4.x patch:
Trunk patch works.
+1: ben
sf says: Needs r1345599, too.
And wrowe's comment about the 2.2 patch is also valid for 2.4:
* mod_ssl: Add RFC 5878 support. This allows support of mechansisms
such as Certificate Transparency. Note that new
mechanisms are supported without software updates.
trunk patch:
2.4.x patch:
+1: ben, druggeri
druggeri note: Needs docs for new directive
kbrand: depends on an unreleased OpenSSL version (1.0.2), and
RFC 5878 is of "Category: Experimental". Seems premature
to me to consider for backporting to 2.4/2.2 at this point.
ben: not correct that it depends on OpenSSL 1.0.2, it builds with
any version. Also, if you read my note to dev@ you will see
why it is not premature.
* mod_ssl: Add support for TLS-SRP (Secure Remote Password key exchange
for TLS, RFC 5054).
trunk patch: and
2.4.x patch:
+1: rjung,
rjung: sf: you applied it to trunk, care to vote?
* mod_ssl: Work correctly with a development version of OpenSSL.
trunk patch: and
2.4.x patch:
rjung: Revoked my vote due to ongoing discussion
* mod_lua: Add a new directive, LuaCodeCache, for controlling the in-memory
caching of scripts
trunk patch: (*) (CHANGES)
2.4.x patch: Trunk patch works (*provided the authz provider gets backported)
+1: humbedooh, rjung
rjung: docs missing?
humbedooh: It's in the 2.4 docs already, but commented out, as with a lot
of other functions that were never actually made. It's a mess ;)
* mod_cache: Wrong content type and character set when
mod_cache serves stale content because of a proxy error.
PR 53539. Correction to r1361153.
trunk patch:
2.4.x patch: trunk patch works.
+1: rjung
* mod_proxy_ajp: Fix crash in packet dump code when logging
with LogLevel trace7 or trace8. PR 53730.
trunk patch:
2.4.x patch: trunk patch works.
+1: rjung, jim
A list of further possible backports can be found at:
If you want to propose one of those, please still add them here.
* opinion on more complete DefaultRuntimeDir use in 2.4.x?
o If a module has a config directive for the run-time file that
treats the configured path as relative to server root, preserve
that behavior but change the location when not configured to
respect DefaultRuntimeDir. With these changes, users with no
per-runtime-file configuration directives can control
everything with DefaultRuntimeDir.
BUT: Existing users of DefaultRuntimeDir might get a short-term scare
when some unconfigured run-time file starts respecting their
DefaultRuntimeDir directive after an upgrade.
+1: trawick, jim, rjung
rjung: applicable trunk revisions WITHOUT the compatibility tweaks
described above:
heartbeat r1364695
scoreboard r1369477
core/pid file r1369808
core/mutex r1370288
mod_socache_XXX r1370225
mod_slotmem_plain r1370763
mod_ldap r1371684
* cross-compile: allow to provide CC_FOR_BUILD so that gen_test_char will be
compiled by the build compiler instead of the host compiler.
Also set CC_FOR_BUILD to 'cc' when cross-compilation is detected.
Trunk patches:
2.4 patch:
fuankg: on hold until we agree for a better and more simple solution ...
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