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#pragma D depends_on provider io
typedef struct request_rec {
uintptr_t pool;
uintptr_t connection;
uintptr_t server;
uintptr_t next;
uintptr_t prev;
uintptr_t main;
char *the_request;
int assbackwards;
int proxyreq;
int header_only;
char *protocol;
int proto_num;
char *hostname;
int64_t request_time;
char *status_line;
int status;
const char *method;
int method_number;
int64_t allowed;
uintptr_t allowed_xmethods;
uintptr_t allowed_methods;
offset_t sent_bodyct;
offset_t bytes_sent;
int64_t mtime;
int chunked;
char *range;
offset_t clength;
offset_t remaining;
offset_t read_length;
int read_body;
int read_chunked;
unsigned expecting_100;
uintptr_t headers_in;
uintptr_t headers_out;
uintptr_t err_headers_out;
uintptr_t subprocess_env;
uintptr_t notes;
char *content_type; /* Break these out --- we dispatch on 'em */
char *handler; /* What we *really* dispatch on */
char *content_encoding;
uintptr_t content_languages;
char *vlist_validator;
char *user;
char *ap_auth_type;
int no_cache;
int no_local_copy;
char *unparsed_uri;
char *uri;
char *filename;
char *canonical_filename;
char *path_info;
char *args;
/* finfo */
uintptr_t finfo_pool;
int32_t finfo_valid;
int32_t finfo_protection;
int32_t finfo_filetype;
int finfo_user;
int finfo_group;
uint64_t finfo_inode;
uint64_t finfo_device;
int32_t finfo_nlink;
offset_t finfo_size;
offset_t finfo_csize;
int64_t finfo_atime;
int64_t finfo_mtime;
int64_t finfo_ctime;
char *finfo_fname;
char *finfo_name;
uintptr_t finfo_ffilehand;
/* parsed_uri */
char *uri_scheme;
char *uri_hostinfo;
char *uri_user;
char *uri_password;
char *uri_hostname;
char *uri_port_str;
char *uri_path;
char *uri_query;
char *uri_fragment;
uintptr_t uri_hostent;
uint16_t uri_port;
unsigned uri_is_initialized:1;
unsigned uri_dns_looked_up:1;
unsigned uri_dns_resolved:1;
/* back to request_rec */
int used_path_info;
uintptr_t per_dir_config;
uintptr_t request_config;
uintptr_t htaccess;
uintptr_t output_filters;
uintptr_t input_filters;
uintptr_t proto_output_filters;
uintptr_t proto_input_filters;
int eos_sent;
uintptr_t kept_body;
uintptr_t invoke_mtx;
} request_rec;
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