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Apache HTTP Server Trunk Documentation Status File. Last modified: $Date$
For more information on how to contribute to the Apache Documentation
Project, please see and
To Do List
- The following directives of modules included in 2.4.x are not documented:
ProxyHTMLMeta (mod_proxy_html)
SSLPKCS7CertificateFile (mod_ssl)
- Update the
document to be useful. In particular:
- Document the various macros that can be used in documents.
- Document the translation process.
- Generally update it to make it reflect the current reality of how
we work.
- Improving the documentation of the documentations' build system
itself (requirements, procedures)
- Continue to enhance the FAQ, which is in the wiki:
- Security docs are unhelpful, and assume that the reader knows nothing.
Need something a little more advanced, which either discusses
application-level security, or links to something that does. I'm not
even sure what to say needs done. Can we get someone to elaborate on
what, exactly, needs written? Ivan Ristic has said maybe he would be
willing to contribute.
- More content and better organisation
- mod_dav resources are owned by the httpd. Perhaps write up the
two-httpd dav setup covered in Rich Bowen's DAV Apachecon
- Performance doc "drop-in replace" misc/perf-scaling.xml
as well as:
They both need review and updates to reflect the current state
of the art.
- Windows platform docs are in desperate need of rewrites/updates for 2.x.
- Bill Rowe is a good contact for tech questions.
- "using apache" has been done, "compiling apache" is still open
- hints on uninstalling apache (exit monitor, close directories,
registry entries etc) (PR 10154)
- FAQ: UTF-8 config and URL encoding for non-ascii characters.
- New Auth system
- Much clean-up and enhancement of aaa howto (Can someone clarify
exactly what needs cleaned up and enhanced?)
- Independent note on how to upgrade to new auth system
- Discussion of DBD auth, and, in particular, examples of how to set
up auth using each of the supported databases.
- Expression syntax for <If>, Require expr, SetEnvIfExpr, CustomLog, ...
Start is in expr.xml, igalic is working on this
- modules docs
- the following modules added since 2.2 lack documentation
- mod_serf
- mpm_simple
the list may be incomplete
maybe some of the modules will not be included in 2.4
- mod_suexec: very little documentation
- mod_substitute and reverse proxies: Add example using mod_filter
- MPM documentation
- explain what the following command line options do
(perhaps in the developer/debugging docs):
-D ONE_PROCESS -- is this the same as -X, if not, should it be?
one-process-mode == no threads, i.e. only one
process handling the requests in a single loop?
- Identify which documents are grossly out of date, and fix.
- platform/ebcdic.xml - needs major rework for 2.0
- SSL docs need serious update and enhancement
- compat docs are wrong
- A basic how to has been started here:
but it needs some work...
looks like a good starting point for overhauling the FAQ, and
has been placed at our disposal by the author.
- API documentation
- Ben Laurie has written some hooks documentation
- authn provider API documentation could be useful
- How does <Proxy> fit into sections.html?
- Missing documentation for the support program checkgid
- New user docs: Directory Handling (mod_dir/mod_autoindex/etc)
(draft available in wiki)
- Enhancements to the DTD/XSL:
- New index: directives by context, including listing which directives
are available for each AllowOverride setting.
- New index: backout modules by type (aaa, mappers, loggers etc.)
probably by introducing a <category> element in modulesynopsis
- Use a tag like <var> in place of <em> for things like the
<syntax> listing.
- in progress
- add letter links to glossary and quickreference,
perhaps also a term overview (sidebar)
- Provide example solutions for the mapping of encodings, especially
for .gz etc. (also in regard to our default configuration)
- How-To style documents for more of the daily tasks
- Logging, log rotation, and log reporting
- Secure mod_dav configuration
- is a graveyard, and a
profound embarrassment.
- Purge all the dead links
- Verify links to external resources at least every year
- Update the list of translations at Some of those
are accurate, and others are way outdated.
- I'd like to expand the discussion of conditional logging, and add a
few more useful exmaples.
That would be a good place to document logging of cache hit/miss:
- Is it worth having a doc that discusses recommended (what does this
mean?) third-party modules like mod_security, mod_php, and so on - the
things that we all assume everyone uses, but some folks might not know
- Clarify which directives only affect requests when they're handled
by the default handler. (e.g. ForceType, TraceEnable, etc.)
- Add examples using expr to mod_rewrite recipes. Possibly benchmark the
different approaches and make intelligent remarks about the
comparative value of each.
- Fix this error message:
Request exceeded the limit of 10 internal redirects due to probable
configuration error. Use 'LimitInternalRecursion' to increase the limit
if necessary. Use 'LogLevel debug' to get a backtrace.
This error message is often returned when a RewriteRUle loops, in
which case setting LimitInternalRecursion won't do anything towards
fixing the problem. However, the error message is already very long.
- Error codes
Decide how and where to document the error codes (AH****), and then
start on doing it.
- If someone has xslt and LaTeX skills, they could consider getting the
xml->LaTeX->PDF build chain working again. See specifically for details
of what's broken. For the moment, PDF docs are no longer referenced on
the docs site.
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