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* Source code should follow style guidelines.
OK, we all agree pretty code is good. Probably best to clean this
up by hand immediately upon branching a 2.1 tree.
Status: Justin volunteers to hand-edit the entire source tree ;)
Justin says:
Recall when the release plan for 2.0 was written:
Absolute Enforcement of an "Apache Style" for code.
Watch this slip into 3.0.
David says:
The style guide needs to be reviewed before this can be done.
The current file is dated April 20th 1998!
Q: should APR have it's own copy as well?
* revamp the input filter syntax to provide for ordering of
filters created with the Set{Input|Output}Filter and the
Add{Input|Output}Filter directives. A 'relative to filterx'
syntax is definately preferable, but not realistic for 2.0.
* Platforms that do not support fork (primarily Win32 and AS/400)
Architect start-up code that avoids initializing all the modules
in the parent process on platforms that do not support fork.
Better yet - not only inform the startup of which phase it's in,
but allow the parent 'process' to initialize shared memory, etc,
and create a module-by-module stream to pass to the child, so the
parent can actually arbitrate the important stuff.
* Replace stat [deferred open] with open/fstat in directory_walk.
Justin, Ian, OtherBill all interested in this. Implies setting up
the apr_file_t member in request_rec, and having all modules use
that file, and allow the cleanup to close it [if it isn't a shared,
cached file handle.]
* Refactor auth into auth protocols and auth database stores.
Many interested hackers, too destabilizing for 2.0 inclusion.
* The Async Apache Server implemented in terms of APR.
[Bill Stoddard's pet project.]
Message-ID: <008301c17d42$9b446970$01000100@sashimi> (dev@apr)
* Add a string "class" that combines a char* with a length
and a reference count. This will help reduce the number
of strlen and strdup operations during request processing.
Including both the length and allocation will save us a ton
of reallocation we do today, in terms of string manipulation.
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