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The script buildaix.ksh will attempt to build a AIX installp fileset
out of a source tree for ASF project

  Fileset                      Level  State  Type  Description (Uninstaller)
  bos.adt.insttools    C     F    Tool to Create installp
  Fileset                      Level  State  Type  Description (Uninstaller)
  rpm.rte             C     F    RPM Package Manager

Preferred: download zlib sources and copy zlib.h and zconf.h to /opt/include
and, if configure cannot find them directly, add symbolic links from /usr/include to /opt/include

To build a package, make sure you are in the root of the source tree,
and run:


An AIX fileset named $PKG.$NAME.$ARCH.$VERSION.I will be
created in the build/aix directory. the .template file created is also there.

KNOWN issues:
on AIX libtool is known to have issues with the install command.
Some of these issues have been resolved by extracting the apr/apu utilities
from the projects (i.e. NOT using the embedded version)
In case of problems I recommend that you install the GNU 'install' program (part of coreutils)
If make DESTDIR=$TEMPDIR install command continues to fail, try 'make install' and then run
the buildaix.ksh command again

Add Copyright display/banner
Add Apache LICENSE to fileset and require acceptance
Add special instructions for TCB - to ignore /etc/* /var/httpd/htdocs/*
Add _config_i scripts to setup autostart
Add _pre_i scripts to verify pre-requisites, required users/groups, etc.

# This layout is intended to put customizeable data in /etc and /var
# the file listing will be used to create an exceptions file to modify
# the behavior of syschk checksum generation.
# AIX layout
<Layout AIX>
    prefix:        /opt/httpd
    exec_prefix:   /opt/httpd
    bindir:        ${exec_prefix}/bin
    sbindir:       ${exec_prefix}/sbin
    libdir:        ${exec_prefix}/lib
    libexecdir:    ${exec_prefix}/libexec
    mandir:        /usr/share/man
    sysconfdir:    /etc/httpd
    datadir:       /var/httpd
    installbuilddir: ${datadir}/build
    errordir:      ${datadir}/error
    htdocsdir:     ${datadir}/htdocs
    cgidir:        ${datadir}/cgi-bin
    iconsdir:      ${prefix}/icons
    manualdir:     ${prefix}/manual
    includedir:    ${prefix}/include
    localstatedir: /var/httpd
    runtimedir:    ${localstatedir}/run
    logfiledir:    ${localstatedir}/logs
    proxycachedir: ${localstatedir}/proxy

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