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aix s/seperate/separate/g
rpm Note/update some requirements versions.
win32 Stringify ICON_FILE, like other values passed in via -Dxx=yy More NetWare build tweaks. Kill some NetWare build warnings.
NWGNUmakefile NetWare build system: fixed var names. fix various property issues NetWare build: fix problem with NLM version. update license header text
bsd_makefile update license header text
build-modules-c.awk update license header text
config-stubs * build/ Trim more stuff from installed config_vars… Fix the ScanDoc output on IE. I don't have IE, so I can't test this, but Reduce the length of our generated RPM epoch number, as epoch numbers…
installwinconf.awk update license header text Oops... revert
make_exports.awk As discussed at AC NA 2011
make_nw_export.awk Removed now obsolete function skip from NetWare
make_var_export.awk update license header text
mkconfNW.awk * mod_dav_fs: set default value of DavLockDB using installation layout
mkdep.perl update license header text Add util_fcgi.h and associated definitions and support
nw_ver.awk Use SVN revision for NetWare dev builds version info. GNU make somtimes has problems determining that $(builddir)/test_char.h Oops... revert
sysv_makefile update license header text
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