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mpm mpm_motorz: follow up to r1666482. Apache 1.3.9 baseline for the Apache 2.0 repository. skiplist is now in apr 1.5 and above
NWGNUmakefile NetWare build tweaks.
apreq_cookie.c Fix warning: 'nlen' may be used uninitialized in this function.
apreq_error.c As discussed at AC NA 2011
apreq_module.c As discussed at AC NA 2011
apreq_module_cgi.c Style ('{' on same line as function definition)
apreq_module_custom.c As discussed at AC NA 2011
apreq_param.c As discussed at AC NA 2011
apreq_parser.c bug here in that the hook ptr fu is busted so we need
apreq_parser_header.c value never used: dead assignment
apreq_parser_multipart.c As discussed at AC NA 2011
apreq_parser_urlencoded.c As discussed at AC NA 2011
apreq_util.c tab vs space
buildmark.c update license header text
config.c Save a few bytes in conf pool.
config.m4 Add server directory to INCLUDES.
connection.c mpm_event[opt]: Send the SSL close notify alert when the KeepAliveTim…
core.c core: Initialize scoreboard's used optional functions on graceful res…
core_filters.c core_filters: restore/disable TCP_NOPUSH option after non-blocking se…
eoc_bucket.c update license header text
eor_bucket.c Change the eor bucket to use a pre-cleanup to run the log transaction…
error_bucket.c core, modules: like r1657897 but for core and other modules than mod_…
gen_test_char.c Fixed position of the NEED_ENHANCED_ESCAPES define.
gen_test_char.dsp Remove all /machine:I386 references, these are getting in the way
listen.c * Add missing include for ap_pglobal
log.c Tab vs space
main.c core: follow up to r1629925: new log tag
mpm_common.c Save a few bytes in conf pool when parsing some directives. Use temp_…
mpm_unix.c MPMs, core: make duplicated listeners (SO_REUSEPORT) introduced in r1…
protocol.c core: Follow up to r1664205.
provider.c s/;;/;/
request.c Revert r4635428 corresponding to PR41867.
scoreboard.c core: follow up to r1668532: always initialize optional_fn pointers i…
util.c Configuration files with long lines and continuation characters
util_cfgtree.c Remove all references to CORE_PRIVATE.
util_charset.c Move comment from .c to .h in order to make use of it in doxygen.
util_cookies.c Clean up size_t abuse, part 2. ap_malloc/calloc/realloc are explicitly
util_debug.c In maintainer mode, replace apr_palloc with a version that
util_ebcdic.c Missing va_end spotted by cppcheck
util_expr_eval.c Expression parser: Optimize another concatenation
util_expr_parse.c util_expr: sync bison generated source files with according
util_expr_parse.h Revert r1643900.
util_expr_parse.y * ap_exr: Add replace(string, from, to) function.
util_expr_private.h Improve error message by removing 'unexpected T_ERROR' in one case.
util_expr_scan.c Update auto-generated code
util_expr_scan.l avoid non-continous ranges in EBCDIC in the scanner, important charac…
util_fcgi.c Add missing APLOGNO.
util_filter.c Useful extensions...
util_md5.c add new ap_bin2hex() utility function
util_mutex.c Mutex directive: finish support of DefaultRuntimeDir
util_pcre.c Re-introduce check for sufficient PCRE version.
util_regex.c No need to test for NULL, apr_pstrndup already handles it.
util_script.c core: Add CGIPassAuth directive to control whether HTTP authorization
util_time.c Typo
util_xml.c core, modules: like r1657897 but for core and other modules than mod_…
vhost.c name-based vhosts listed twice with apachectl -S
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