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IGNITE-14571 - Added release finalization procedure to
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vkulichenko committed Jun 29, 2021
1 parent 49b259f commit 5708dd27ca9ae494defeb098f242f8b08cff6071
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@@ -60,12 +60,28 @@ For all the commands going forward:
10. Commit ZIP packages:
cd {}
svn commit -m “{version}-rc{rc}”
svn add {version}-rc{rc}
svn commit -m “Apache Ignite {version} RC{rc}”
11. Put the release on a vote on the developers mailing list.

## Finalizing the Release

Perform the following actions ONLY after the vote is successful and closed.

1. Login to the Apache Nexus and release the staging repository:
2. Create an empty folder under the release distribution directory:
rm -rf {dist.release}/{version}
mkdir {dist.release}/{version}
3. Copy ZIP packages along with checksums and signatures to the release distribution directory:
cp {}/{version}-rc{rc}/* {dist.release}/{version}
4. Commit ZIP packages:
cd {dist.release}
svn add {version}
svn commit -m “Apache Ignite {version}”

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