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IGNITE-16476 Deal with all "TODO" on resolved tickets (IGNITE-14645, …
…IGNITE-15409) (#630)
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tkalkirill committed Feb 4, 2022
1 parent 14a2fee commit 971b1d6e4747a32cdd415c8b54faae2ad77e0191
Showing 2 changed files with 4 additions and 5 deletions.
@@ -33,6 +33,7 @@
import org.apache.ignite.configuration.annotation.InternalConfiguration;
import org.apache.ignite.configuration.annotation.PolymorphicConfig;
import org.apache.ignite.configuration.annotation.PolymorphicConfigInstance;
import org.apache.ignite.internal.configuration.notifications.ConfigurationNotifier;
import org.apache.ignite.internal.configuration.tree.ConfigurationSource;
import org.apache.ignite.internal.configuration.tree.ConstructableTreeNode;
import org.apache.ignite.internal.configuration.tree.InnerNode;
@@ -163,16 +164,14 @@ public Map<String, ConfigurationProperty<?>> members() {

* Touches current Dynamic Configuration node. Currently this method makes sense for {@link NamedListConfiguration} class only, but this
* will be changed in <a href="">IGNITE-14645
* </a>.
* Touches current Dynamic Configuration node. Currently, this method makes sense for {@link NamedListConfiguration} class only.
* Method is invoked on configuration initialization and on every configuration update, even those that don't affect current node. Its
* goal is to have a fine control over sub-nodes of the configuration. Accessor methods on the Dynamic Configuration nodes can be called
* at any time and have to return up-to-date value. This means that one can read updated configuration value before notification
* listeners have been invoked on it. At that point, for example, deleted named list elements disappear from the object and cannot be
* accessed with a regular API. The only way to access them is to have a cached copy of all elements (members). This method does exactly
* that. It returns cached copy of members and then sets it to a new, maybe different, set of members. No one except for {@link
* ConfigurationNotificationsUtil} should ever call this method.
* ConfigurationNotifier} should ever call this method.
* @return Members map associated with "previous" node state.
@@ -230,7 +230,7 @@ private void onTableCreateInternal(ConfigurationNotificationEvent<TableView> ctx
assert ((ExtendedTableView) ctx.newValue()).assignments() != null :
IgniteStringFormatter.format("Table [id={}, name={}] has empty assignments.", tblId, tblName);

// TODO: IGNITE-15409 Listener with any placeholder should be used instead.
// TODO: IGNITE-16369 Listener with any placeholder should be used instead.
((ExtendedTableConfiguration) tablesCfg.tables().get(tblName)).schemas()
.listenElements(new ConfigurationNamedListListener<>() {

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