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IGNITE-14571 - Release procedure documentation
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# Apache Ignite 3 Release Procedure

This document describes the current procedure for preparing an Ignite 3 release.

## Prerequisites

1. Create a GPG key, upload it to a keyserver, and locate its ID. More details here:
2. Checkout Apache distribution directories:
svn checkout dist-dev
svn checkout dist-release

For all the commands going forward:
* Replace `{version}` with the version number being released.
* Replace `{rc}` with the current sequential number of the release candidate.
* Replace `{gpg}` with your GPG key ID.
* Replace `{}` with the local path to the development distribution directory.
* Replace `{dist.release}` with the local path to the release distribution directory.

## Preparing the Release

1. Go to the project home folder.
2. Create a Git tag:
git tag -a {version}-rc{rc} -m "{version}-rc{rc}"
git push --tags
3. Build the project, sign the artifact and create a staging repository:
mvn clean verify gpg:sign deploy:deploy -Dgpg.keyname={gpg} [-DskipTests]
4. Login to the Apache Nexus and close the new repository:
5. Create an empty folder under the development distribution directory:
rm -rf {}/{version}-rc{rc}
mkdir {}/{version}-rc{rc}
6. Create a source code package:
git archive --prefix=apache-ignite-{version}-src/ -o target/apache-ignite-{version} HEAD
7. Switch to the `target` folder:
cd target
8. Create checksums and sign ZIP packages:
gpg -a -u {gpg} -b apache-ignite-{version}
gpg -a -u {gpg} -b apache-ignite-{version}.zip
gpg --print-md SHA512 apache-ignite-{version} > apache-ignite-{version}
gpg --print-md SHA512 apache-ignite-{version}.zip > apache-ignite-{version}.zip.sha512
9. Copy ZIP packages along with checksums and signatures to the development distribution directory:
cp apache-ignite-{version} apache-ignite-{version} apache-ignite-{version} \
apache-ignite-{version}.zip apache-ignite-{version}.zip.asc apache-ignite-{version}.zip.sha512 \
10. Commit ZIP packages:
cd {}
svn commit -m “{version}-rc{rc}”
11. Put the release on a vote on the developers mailing list.

## Finalizing the Release

Perform the following actions ONLY after the vote is successful and closed.


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