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Fixed website repository from svn to git
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alex-plekhanov committed Oct 22, 2020
1 parent a1da370 commit 9d6d6edf947cf22eacb6d6cd36bbe7b43a2c2f8a
Showing 2 changed files with 39 additions and 24 deletions.
@@ -0,0 +1,39 @@
#!/usr/bin/env bash

chmod +x
. ./

echo "Releasing ${ignite_version}${rc_name}"

rm -r fabric

unzip svn/vote/apache-ignite-${ignite_version} -d fabric

echo "Cloning ignite-website ..."

git clone -b master

echo "Copying documentation ..."

mkdir ignite-website/releases/$ignite_version
cp -r fabric/apache-ignite-$ignite_version-bin/docs/* ignite-website/releases/$ignite_version
mkdir ignite-website/releases/$ignite_version/cppdoc
cp -r fabric/apache-ignite-$ignite_version-bin/platforms/cpp/docs/* ignite-website/releases/$ignite_version/cppdoc
mkdir ignite-website/releases/$ignite_version/dotnetdoc
cp -r fabric/apache-ignite-$ignite_version-bin/platforms/dotnet/docs/* ignite-website/releases/$ignite_version/dotnetdoc

echo "Commiting changes ..."

cd ignite-website
git add releases/$ignite_version
git commit -m "Ignite $ignite_version docs"

echo "Pushing changes ..."

git push

echo " "
echo "======================================================"
echo "Documentation should be uploaded to site repository"
echo "Please check results at"
echo ""

This file was deleted.

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