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Docs update for design description
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# ignite-teamcity-helper
# ignite-teamcity-bot

[Apache Ignite Teamcity Bot]( ( is [Apache Ignite]( cache over [JetBrains TeamCity]( server(s).

@@ -22,7 +22,9 @@ Locally it can be run using method.
The bot will create necessary configs in ~/.ignite-teamcity-helper - it is bot Home directory.
In can be changed with system property.

Examples of configs can be found in [conf](conf) directory.
Examples of configs can be found in [conf](conf) directory.
Main config file is [conf/branches.json](conf/branches.json). This file needs to be placed to work directory, (under user home by default).
Extra setup is required using security-sensitive information using PasswordEncoder. No Teamcity credentials is required because TC bot asks users to enter creds.

### Code inspections, styles and abbreviation rules.
[Code style]( is inherited from Apache Ignite.
@@ -46,3 +48,11 @@ because the Bot uses strong AES cryptography, but default java distribution may
Resulting distribution can be found in projectRoot\jetty-launcher\build\distributions.
Distribution will contain start script in \bin folder.

### Internal Design
Apache Ignite TC Bot interacts with several data sources to find out current state and defails of contribution.

<img src=''>

Teamcity Bot Components and its interactions

<img src="">
@@ -1,9 +1,20 @@
"primaryServerCode": "apache",
"tcServers": [

"jiraServers": [
/* Server code will be referenced in all tracked branches, URLs, etc */
"code": "apache",
/* JIRA project code for commenting tickets. Default project is "IGNITE". */
"projectCode": "IGNITE",
"branchNumPrefix": "IGNITE-",
/* JIRA Url, HTTPs is highly recommended because of Basic Auth used. */
"url": "",
/** JIRA Auth token to access, use PasswordEncoder#encodeJiraTok to get from clear username/password */
"authTok": "" //todo specify
"branches": [

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