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ARIA-311 Update CHANGELOG with 0.1.1 issues
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Ran Ziv committed Jul 18, 2017
1 parent b841c01 commit 67a0675d679ce51de0f758369a1de1029e212439
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[ARIA-312] Validation of workflow and operation kwargs raise false alarms
[ARIA-301] Environment-marked dependencies are installed regardless of environment when installing from wheel
[ARIA-299] Resuming canceled execution with non-finished tasks fails
[ARIA-298] Test suite sometimes fails or freezes despite all tests passing
[ARIA-296] Process termination test fails on windows
[ARIA-287] New tox suite to make sure that Sphinx documentation generation isn't broken
[ARIA-202] Execution plugin assumes '/tmp' for temp directory on the local/remote machine


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