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WinRM docs for correct preparation of windows template
- Short troubleshooting section that incorrect windows template can
  cause timeouts or fail some deployments
- Settings to Use for an Unattended Installation in known limitations
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@@ -378,6 +378,12 @@ several times) before the VM is usable.
This could cause the WinRM connection attempts to timeout. The location configuration option
`waitForWinRmAvailable` defaults to `30m` (i.e. 30 minutes). This can be increased if required.

Incorrectly prepared Windows template can cause the deployment to time-out expecting an interaction by the user.
You can verify if this is the case by RDP to the deployment which is taking to much time to complete.
It is recommended to manually deploy a single VM for every newly created Windows template to verify that it can be
used for unattended installations and it doesn't wait and/or require an input by the user.
See [Windows template settings for an Unattended Installation](#windows-template-settings-for-an-unattended-installation) under Known Limitations below.

### Windows log files

Details of the commands executed, and their results, can be found in the Brooklyn log and in the Brooklyn
@@ -499,3 +505,12 @@ entities are installed.

Blueprint authors are strongly encourages to explicitly specific directories for file
uploads and in their Powershell scripts.

### Windows template settings for an Unattended Installation

Windows template needs certain configuration to be applied to prevent windows setup UI from being displayed.
The default behavior is to display it if there are incorrect or empty settings. Showing Setup UI will prevent the proper
deployment, because it will expect interaction by the user such as agreeing on the license agreement or some of the setup dialogs.

Detailed instruction how to prepare an Unattended installation are provided at [](

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