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HISTORIC REPO: Apache Brooklyn has graduated!

This is the historical incubator repo for Apache Brooklyn. This version of the codebase is no longer active.

You're probably in the wrong place.


About the Incubator Project

Apache Brooklyn was in the Apache Incubator until the end of 2015, on version 0.9.0-SNAPSHOT. At this time it graduated to become a top-level Apache Software Foundation project, and the code moved from incubator-brooklyn to brooklyn and several other projects brooklyn-*.

Versions 0.8.0-incubating and before can be found in and built from this repo, along with the last commit to 0.9.0-SNAPSHOT from which development has continued in apache/brooklyn and sub-projects.

The sub-directories in this project correspond to multiple separate repositories now in the apache org. The link above to the Active Codebase started life exactly as a copy of brooklyn/ in this folder, as an uber-project for the other brooklyn-* folders, including the server and the ui, which are now top-level repos in the apache org.

To Build

This historic version of the code can be built with:

mvn clean install

This creates a build of the last incubator SNAPSHOT version in usage/dist/target/brooklyn-dist. Run with bin/brooklyn launch. Although really you probably want the Active Codebase.