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Merge pull request #40 from lorinlee/1.0.0-rc02
download: fix KEYS link
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tanzhongyi003 committed Sep 17, 2021
2 parents d376886 + 88edae7 commit 911ca451eceb81be5f95117b0e30dd0264adf678
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@@ -67,18 +67,18 @@ hopefully it will be done in Oct 2019.

Choose a source distribution in either *tar* or *zip* format,
and [verify](
and [verify](
using the corresponding *pgp* signature (using the committer file in
[KEYS]({{ }}/KEYS)).
[KEYS]({{ }}/KEYS)).
If you cannot do that, the *md5* hash file may be used to check that the
download has completed OK.

For fast downloads, current source distributions are hosted on mirror servers;
older source distributions are in the
[archive]({{ }}/).
[archive]({{ }}/).
If a download from a mirror fails, retry, and the second download will likely

For security, hash and signature files are always hosted at

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