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# brpc Website
The Website of brpc ( is using the template from [Apache Website Template](
# bRPC Official Website

This project keeps all sources used for building up bRPC official website which's served at

## Overview

The Apache bRPC docs are built using [Hugo]( with the [Docsy]( theme.
This project contains the hugo project, markdown files, and theme configurations.

## Pre-requisites

- [Hugo extended version](
- [Node.js](

## Environment setup

Install pre-requisites
$ sudo apt install npm
$ npm install

## Run local server

1. Clone this repository
git clone
2. Change to root directory:
cd incubator-brpc-website
3. Run
hugo server
4. Navigate to `http://localhost:1313`

5. If you want to generate the static pages, just run

# Note for PR
As this website is using the [gitpubsub]( and we use Jekyll to generate the site.

We choose master branch to hold all the site source change and asf-site for apache github website.
Please sent your PR to the master branch instead of asf-site.
Please sent your PR to the master branch instead of asf-site.

## Update docs
1. Create new branch
2. Commit and push changes to content
3. Submit pull request to **master** branch
4. Generate static pagas and Submit pull request to **asf-site** branch
5. Staging site will automatically get created and linked to PR to review and test

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