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gejun committed Oct 9, 2018
1 parent 66fa4ea commit 37ff0970b6db6ed92391c25df2955a26a580d787
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@@ -7,11 +7,11 @@ about: Suggest an idea for this project
**Is your feature request related to a problem? (你需要的功能是否与某个问题有关?)**
A clear and concise description of what the problem is. 请清晰和准确地描述那个问题是什么.

**Describe the solution you'd like / 描述你期望的解决方法**
**Describe the solution you'd like (描述你期望的解决方法)**
A clear and concise description of what you want to happen. 请清晰和准确地描述你期望发生什么.

**Describe alternatives you've considered / 描述你想到的折衷方案**
**Describe alternatives you've considered (描述你想到的折衷方案)**
A clear and concise description of any alternative solutions or features you've considered. 请准确描述你想到的其他折衷方案。

**Additional context / 更多上下文**
**Additional context (更多上下文)**
Add any other context or screenshots here. 这里添加更多上下文或截图.

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