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[Documentation] JIRA-61 updating the documentation
Three corrections
- Fix path in the NOTE of building code
- Fix typo SRD vs SSD
- Clarify that if a IPMC vote fails/is canceled you need to start over
  with a PPMC vote.
- IPMC vote template misses link to HISTORY and nexus staging.

Signed-off-by: Animesh Trivedi <>
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animeshtrivedi committed Nov 5, 2018
1 parent 030063d commit 019279d46ce49a4de3f7b230feaed9ea55a8b8ba
Showing 1 changed file with 14 additions and 6 deletions.
@@ -166,7 +166,7 @@ In case, if you are not sure about some setting, try `-DdryRun=true`. If someth

**NOTE:** the binary file and associated signature (asc) and sha512 files are generated
at ``assembly/target/crail-${RELEASE_VERSION}-incubating-bin.tar.gz``. The source file and associated signature (asc) and sha512 files are
at ``target/crail-parent-${RELEASE_VERSION}-incubating-src-release.tar.gz``.
at ``assembly/target/crail-${RELEASE_VERSION}-incubating-src.tar.gz``.

5. We need to upload the generated artifacts to the "Stage" SVN at So lets prepare that in a SVN staging directory (SSD)

@@ -190,10 +190,10 @@ at ``target/crail-parent-${RELEASE_VERSION}-incubating-src-release.tar.gz``.
cp assembly/target/apache-crail-${RELEASE_VERSION}-incubating-src.tar.gz ${SSD}/
# copy signature files
cp assembly/target/apache-crail-${RELEASE_VERSION}-incubating-bin.tar.gz.asc ${SSD}/
cp assembly/target/apache-crail-${RELEASE_VERSION}-incubating-src.tar.gz.asc ${SRD}/
cp assembly/target/apache-crail-${RELEASE_VERSION}-incubating-src.tar.gz.asc ${SSD}/
# copy checksum files
cp assembly/target/apache-crail-${RELEASE_VERSION}-incubating-bin.tar.gz.sha512 ${SSD}/
cp assembly/target/apache-crail-${RELEASE_VERSION}-incubating-src.tar.gz.sha512 ${SRD}/
cp assembly/target/apache-crail-${RELEASE_VERSION}-incubating-src.tar.gz.sha512 ${SSD}/
# step in the SVN staging directory
cd ${SSD}
@@ -343,11 +343,17 @@ After a succesfull PPMC vote, we need to call for the IPMC vote on the ``general
Release files can be found at:${RELEASE_VERSION}-${RELEASE_CANDIDATE}/

Release artifacts have been signed with the following key:
The Nexus Staging URL:[STAGE_ID]

Release artifacts are signed with the following key:

The vote is open for at least 72 hours and passes if a majority of at least
3 +1 PMC votes are cast.
For information about the contents of this release, see:;a=blob;;h=${RELEASE_HASH}

The vote is open for at least 72 hours and passes if a majority of at least 3 +1 PMC votes are cast.

[ ] +1 Release this package as Apache Crail 1.0-incubating
[ ] -1 Do not release this package because ...
@@ -393,6 +399,8 @@ Obviosuly not all calls to vote can succeed. In case of a failed vote, announce

**NOTE:** If your PPMC vote fails you have to redo the IPMC vote again after fixing the issues raised in the PPMC vote.

4. After acceptance

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