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The main purpose of this project is to let doris use development, which can get started quickly,
and give sample codes for the use of various new functions as a reference.
Submit the framework first, and the code will be submitted one after another

Doris developers quickly use the development sample code framework, and the code is submitted one after another

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Apache Doris (incubating)

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Doris is an MPP-based interactive SQL data warehousing for reporting and analysis. Its original name was Palo, developed in Baidu. After donated to Apache Software Foundation, it was renamed Doris.

1. License

Apache License, Version 2.0

2. Technology

Doris mainly integrates the technology of Google Mesa and Apache Impala, and it is based on a column-oriented storage engine and can communicate by MySQL client.

3. User cases

Doris not only provides high concurrent low latency point query performance, but also provides high throughput queries of ad-hoc analysis.

Doris not only provides batch data loading, but also provides near real-time mini-batch data loading.

Doris also provides high availability, reliability, fault tolerance, and scalability.

The simplicity (of developing, deploying and using) and meeting many data serving requirements in single system are the main features of Doris (refer to Overview).

4. Compile and install

Currently only supports Docker environment and Linux OS, such as Ubuntu and CentOS.

4.1 Compile in Docker environment (Recommended)

We offer a docker image as a Doris compilation environment. You can compile Doris from source in it and run the output binaries in other Linux environments.

Firstly, you need to install and start docker service.

And then you could build Doris as following steps:

Step1: Pull the docker image with Doris building environment

$ docker pull apachedoris/doris-dev:build-env-1.3

You can check it by listing images, for example:

$ docker images
REPOSITORY              TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
apachedoris/doris-dev   build-env-1.3       c9665fbee395        5 days ago         3.55GB

NOTE: You may have to use different images to compile from source.

image version commit id release version
apachedoris/doris-dev:build-env before ff0dd0d 0.8.x, 0.9.x
apachedoris/doris-dev:build-env-1.1 ff0dd0d or later 0.10.x or 0.11.x
apache/incubator-doris:build-env-1.2 4ef5a8c 0.12.x - 0.14.0
apache/incubator-doris:build-env-1.3 ad67dd3 later version

Step2: Run the Docker image

You can run the image directly:

$ docker run -it apachedoris/doris-dev:build-env-1.3

Or if you want to compile the source located in your local host, you can map the local directory to the image by running:

$ docker run -it -v /your/local/path/incubator-doris-DORIS-x.x.x-release/:/root/incubator-doris-DORIS-x.x.x-release/ apachedoris/doris-dev:build-env-1.3

Step3: Download Doris source

Now you should be attached in docker environment.

You can download Doris source by release package or by git clone in image.

(If you already downloaded the source in your local host and map it to the image in Step2, you can skip this step.)

$ wget
$ git clone

Step4: Build Doris

Enter Doris source path and build Doris.

$ sh

After successfully building, it will install binary files in the directory output/.

4.2 For Linux OS


You should install the following softwares:

GCC 10.2.1+, Oracle JDK 1.8+, Python 2.7+, Apache Maven 3.5+, CMake 3.19.2+, Flex 2.6.0+

Then set them to environment variable PATH and set JAVA_HOME.

If your GCC version is lower than 10.2.1, you can run:

sudo yum install -y devtoolset-10-gcc* 

If devtoolset-10 is not found in current repo. Oracle has already rebuilt the devtoolset-10 packages. You can create repo file CentOS-SCLo-scl.ol.repo in path /etc/yum.repos.d/:

name=Software Collection packages for Oracle Linux 7 ($basearch)

and then

wget -O /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-oracle
rpm --import  /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-*
sudo yum install -y devtoolset-10-gcc*

Don't forget to set the path of GCC (e.g /opt/rh/devtoolset-10/root/usr/bin) to the environment variable PATH.

Compile and install

Run the following script, it will compile thirdparty libraries and build whole Doris.


After successfully building, it will install binary files in the directory output/.

5. License Notice

Some of the third-party dependencies' license are not compatible with Apache 2.0 License. So you may have to disable some features of Doris to be complied with Apache 2.0 License. Details can be found in thirdparty/LICENSE.txt

6. Reporting Issues

If you find any bugs, please file a GitHub issue.

7. Contact Us

Mailing lists

Name Scope Development-related discussions Subscribe Unsubscribe Archives

8. Links