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@100pah 100pah released this Mar 21, 2019 · 314 commits to release since this release


  • [Fix] Fix text cache problem. See #9190, #9597, #9762.

  • [Fix] Fix that in some case re-setOption in event handler throws error. See #9649.

  • [Fix] Fix that geo region problem causes showTip abnormal. See #9156.

  • [Fix] Fix that stacked bars are over cartesian in some cases. See #9346.

  • [Fix] Fix that legend is not able to scroll when the space is not enough to contain one item. See #6743, #8971, #9471.

  • [Fix] Fix that the centered pie label might has some bias on some angles. See #9657.

  • [Fix] Fix that Geo map panning is not working on MS Edge browser See #9479.

  • [Fix] Fix that label dispaly problem in map series. See #9682.

  • [Fix] Fix that visualMap: false set on data items makes subsequent items abnormal. See #8799.

  • [Fix] When axisLabel.interval of a category axis is set as 0, all labels show regardless of overlap. See #9589.

  • [Fix] Fix grid(cartesian) did not render when both containLabel and used.

  • [Fix] Fix license statement.

  • [Fix] rich text boundingRect bug.

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