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Release update
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xwm1992 committed Mar 30, 2022
2 parents 1ea9802 + 4fa804e commit b607cdd5dc2eeb587da33102710e03d562e691a9
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@@ -673,17 +673,17 @@ $ svn delete${la
1.Tag the commit (on which the vote happened) with the release version without `-${RELEASE_CANDIDATE}`. 例如:after a successful vote on `v1.2-rc5`, the hash will be tagged again with `v1.2` only.
2.在 [GitHub Releases]( 页面的 `${release_version}` 版本上点击 `Edit`
2.在 [GitHub Releases]( 页面的 `${release_version}` 版本上点击 `Edit`
编辑版本号及版本说明,并点击 `Publish release`
### 6.更新下载页面
等待并确认新的发布版本同步至 Apache 镜像后,更新如下页面:
@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@ module.exports = {
type: 'doc',
docsPluginId: 'events',
docId: 'release-notes/v1.3.0',
docId: 'release-notes/v1.4.0',
position: 'left',
label: 'Events',

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