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@@ -20,22 +20,15 @@ To start up the web server, running on localhost:8090::

$ dev


Using ``curl``::

$ curl -XGET 'http://localhost:8090/app/register' -d '{
"application_name" : "my_app",
"version" : "0.1",
"application_description" : "my test app"


TODO: This is a good place to start with a couple of concrete examples of how the package should be used.

The boilerplate code provides a dummy ``main`` function that prints out the word 'Hello'::

>> from distill import main
>> main()
When the package is installed via ``easy_install`` or ``pip`` this function will be bound to the ``distill`` executable in the Python installation's ``bin`` directory (on Windows - the ``Scripts`` directory).

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