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distill: An analytical framework for User-ALE <>.

TODO: Modify the whole file as necessary.

This is a "long description" file for the package that you are creating.
If you submit your package to PyPi, this text will be presented on the `public page <>`_ of your package.

Note: This README has to be written using `reStructured Text <>`_, otherwise PyPi won't format it properly.


@@ -18,15 +11,18 @@ The easiest way to install most Python packages is via ``easy_install`` or ``pip

Development and Testing

To build the source code and run all unit tests

$ python develop test
$ python develop test

To start up the web server, running on localhost:8090
$ dev

Using curl
$ curl http://localhost:8090/app/register' -d '{
$ dev

Using curl:

$ curl -XGET 'http://localhost:8090/app/register' -d '{
"application_name" : "my_app",
"version" : "0.1",
"application_description" : "my test app"

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