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##Define Problem


Most of Define the Problem will be accomplished outside of XDATA tools (largely in the challenge problem assignment interface). This state includes: receiving tasking, refining the request (perhaps with the requestor), defining specific goals and objectives for the request, specifying research questions and/or hypotheses to test, and justifying the tasking.

####Example Usages

None at this time

##Get Data


Get Data involves creating (formulating and writing), executing, and refining search queries. Refining may include drilling down, augmenting (e.g., for multiple spellings). We use the term 'query' loosely -- a database is not required. Because some searches are on-going, any action involved in monitoring the status or checking for new results from a persistent search also fall into this activity. Operationally, this state would include requesting data from others, but that is out of scope for XDATA.

####Example Usages

If you are...

Creating a filter or query for getting data (whether that filter is done with a text box or crossfiltered views or checkboxes or sliders or ...) A visual filter has an interactive component, such as a slider, or dragging a box around an area on a map.

Consider the following activities...

`select_filter_menu_option`, `enter_filter_text`, set_visual_filter_parameters, reset_filter_parameters, remove_visual_filter, remove_query_filter

__If you are...__

Executing a query or visual search (if that takes a separate step).

__Consider the following activities...__

`execute_query_filter`, execute_visual_filter, abort_query

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