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SENSSOFT-69 #implemented basic sampling method to consolidate high fr…
…equency logs.
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mooshu1x2 committed Sep 16, 2016
1 parent d4c210c commit ac477eef6abc626f43bf3ac2960ab37027c95117
Showing 1 changed file with 37 additions and 15 deletions.
@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@
from userale.version import __version__
from userale.format import JsonFormatter
from PyQt5.QtCore import QObject, QEvent, QTimer
from collections import Counter
import datetime, time
import logging
import uuid
@@ -33,7 +34,7 @@ def __init__(self,
:param output: [str] The file or url path to which logs will be sent
@@ -111,23 +112,17 @@ def __init__(self,

# Sample rate
self.hfreq = [QEvent.MouseMove, QEvent.DragMove, QEvent.Scroll]
self.watcher = False

# Sample Timer
# self.timer = QTimer ()
# self.timer.timeout.connect (self.sample)
# self.timer.start(self.resolution)
self.timer = QTimer ()
self.timer.timeout.connect (self.aggregate)
self.timer.start (self.resolution)

# Cleanup Timer

# self.timer2 = QTimer ()
# self.timer2.timeout.connect (self.sample2)
# self.timer2.start (0)

# connect (self, SIGNAL(aboutToQuit ()), self, SLOT(self.sample2()));

# connect(quitButton, SIGNAL(clicked()), &app, SLOT(quit()));

# Batch transmission of logs
self.intervalID = self.startTimer (self.interval)

@@ -161,23 +156,50 @@ def eventFilter (self, object, event):
# Either an event actually ocurred on window or is an effect of event propagation.

# Filter data to higher or lower priority list
if data is not None:
self.logs.append (data)
if t in self.hfreq and t in # data is in watched list and is a high frequency log
temp = (name, event, object)
self.hlogs.append (temp)
self.logs.append (data)

return super(Ale, self).eventFilter (object, event)
return super (Ale, self).eventFilter (object, event)

def timerEvent (self, event):
:param object: [list] List of events
:return: [void] Emit events to file
Routinely dump data to file or send over the network
''' (_(self.logs))
self.logs = [] # Reset logs
if len(self.logs) > 0:
#print ("dumping {} logs".format (len (self.logs))) (_(self.logs))
self.logs = [] # Reset logs

def aggregate (self):
Sample high frequency logs at self.resolution. High frequency logs are consolidated down to a single log event
to be emitted later
if len (self.hlogs) > 0:
#print ("agging {} logs".format (len (self.hlogs)))
agg_events = Counter (self.hlogs)
# Iterate over collapsed collection to generate a single log per event
# Location information is lost due to consolidation.
# @todo develop hashing funciton or new counter to generate avg x and avg y location
for event, counter in agg_events.items ():
aggdata = self.__create_msg (event[0], event[1], event[2], details={"count" : counter})
self.logs.append (aggdata)
self.hlogs = []

def getSender (self, object):
:param object: [QObject] The object being watched.
:return: [QObject] The QObject
Fetch the QObject who triggered the event

sender = None
@@ -322,7 +344,7 @@ def __create_msg (self, event_type, event, object, details={}):

data = {
"target": self.getSelector (object) ,
"target": self.getSelector (object),
"path": self.getPath (object),
"clientTime": self.getClientTime (),
"location": self.getLocation (event),

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