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updated Docker readme to include instructions for setting up Flagon v…
…m on Docker Desktop (WIN 10)
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poorejc committed Sep 23, 2019
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@@ -20,12 +20,14 @@ you may be able to use single node containers within scaling services (e.g., AWS
requires special configuration. Please reach out to us at [our dev list]( for recommendations.

1. Create docker-machine instance.
**Note**: If using Docker Desktop bundle, there is a known bug in
**Note**: If using Docker Desktop bundle for OSX, there is a known bug in
the bundled version of virtualbox that will prevent a successful docker-machine creation.
Before installation, check that virtualbox version is at least 5.2. [``Reinstall virtualbox``](, if needed.

**Note**: If using Docker Desktop bundle for Windows 10, you will need to use ``Hyper-V`` instead of virtual box. Refer to [Docker's guide]( on creating vms with Hyper-V.
$ docker-machine create --virtualbox-memory 3072 --virtualbox-cpu-count 2 flagon
# Windows 10 users will need to use Hyper-V:
> docker-machine create -d hyperv --hyperv-virtual-switch "Primary Virtual Switch" --hyperv-memory 3072 --hyperv-cpu-count 2 flagon

1. Before launching the Docker containers, ensure your ``vm_max_map_count``

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