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# v0.6.0 - Dec 19, 2019

Major new features in this release includes:

- xgboost (v0.90) support (find [usage](
- Improvements on tokenize_ja
- Part-of-Speech (PoS) support in `tokenze_ja` (find [usage](
- new `stoptag_excludes` UDF (find [usage](
- libsvm format converter is supported (find [usage](
- Improve support for Json conversion (`to_json/from_json`) (find [usage](
- Introduced tracing functionality for DecisionTree predictions (find [usage](
- Support for `max_by`, `min_by`, `majority_vote` UDAFs (find [usage](
- Supoprt `argmax/argmin` and `argsort/argrank` UDFs (find [usage](
- Refined RandomForest implementation for Sparse feature support and training speed. (find [usage](

Please refer [ChangeLog]( for the detail of changes.

# v0.5.2 - Dec 3, 2018

Major updated in this release includes:

- Supported Apache Spark v2.3.
- Brickhouse UDFs
- Field-aware Factorization Machines

Please refer [ChangeLog]( for the detail of changes.

# v0.5.0 - Mar 5, 2018

The first Apache release.

Please Refer [ChangeLog]( for the detail of changes.

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