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HTrace Zipkin Receiver

Use the HTrace Java library with Zipkin.

To use, set "span.receiver.classes", "org.apache.htrace.impl.ZipkinSpanReceiver" in the HTraceConfiguration.


The Zipkin receiver supports both the Zipkin Scribe (default) and Kafka transports, controlled through the zipkin.transport.class configuration.

Scribe (Thrift) Transport


Configurations are prefixed with zipkin.scribe.

  • zipkin.scribe.hostname, localhost
  • zipkin.scribe.port, 9410

Deprecated (backwards compatibility):

  • zipkin.collector-hostname, localhost
  • zipkin.collector-port, 9410

Kafka Transport

To use the Kafka transport, add "zipkin.transport.class", "org.apache.htrace.impl.KafkaTransport" to the configuration.


Configurations are prefixed with zipkin.kafka.

  • zipkin.kafka.topic, zipkin

Producer specific configurations

  • zipkin.kafka.metadata.broker.list, localhost:9092
  • zipkin.kafka.request.required.acks, 0
  • zipkin.kafka.producer.type, async
  • zipkin.kafka.serializer.class, kafka.serializer.DefaultEncoder
  • zipkin.kafka.compression.codec, 1