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Update config option for rocksdb 6.3.6 (#42)
Change-Id: I9d860304ec6cd6bf711b8c20232ec7c513650e19
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Linary authored and zhoney committed Nov 6, 2019
1 parent e4fe3b2 commit 99c53f42973db0f82c250f159f5af0b421c8c2dd
Showing 1 changed file with 8 additions and 3 deletions.
@@ -122,11 +122,10 @@ rocksdb.compression | SNAPPY_COMPRESSION
rocksdb.compression_per_level | [NO_COMPRESSION, NO_COMPRESSION, SNAPPY_COMPRESSION, SNAPPY_COMPRESSION, SNAPPY_COMPRESSION, SNAPPY_COMPRESSION, SNAPPY_COMPRESSION] | The compression algorithms for different levels of RocksDB, allowed values are none/snappy/z/bzip2/lz4/lz4hc/xpress/zstd.
rocksdb.delayed_write_rate | 16777216 | The rate limit in bytes/s of user write requests when need to slow down if the compaction gets behind.
rocksdb.log_level | INFO | The info log level of RocksDB.
rocksdb.max_background_compactions | 4 | The maximum number of concurrent background compaction jobs.
rocksdb.max_background_flushes | 4 | The maximum number of concurrent background flush jobs.
rocksdb.max_background_jobs | 8 | Maximum number of concurrent background jobs, including flushes and compactions.
rocksdb.max_bytes_for_level_base | 536870912 | The upper-bound of the total size of level-1 files in bytes.
rocksdb.max_bytes_for_level_multiplier | 10.0 | The ratio between the total size of level (L+1) files and the total size of level L files for all L.
rocksdb.max_open_files | -1 | The maximum number of open files that can be cached by RocksDB.
rocksdb.max_open_files | -1 | The maximum number of open files that can be cached by RocksDB, -1 means no limit.
rocksdb.max_subcompactions | 4 | The value represents the maximum number of threads per compaction job.
rocksdb.max_write_buffer_number | 6 | The maximum number of write buffers that are built up in memory.
rocksdb.max_write_buffer_number_to_maintain | 0 | The total maximum number of write buffers to maintain in memory.
@@ -141,6 +140,12 @@ rocksdb.target_file_size_multiplier | 1
rocksdb.use_direct_io_for_flush_and_compaction | false | Enable the OS to use direct read/writes in flush and compaction.
rocksdb.use_direct_reads | false | Enable the OS to use direct I/O for reading sst tables.
rocksdb.write_buffer_size | 134217728 | Amount of data in bytes to build up in memory.
rocksdb.max_manifest_file_size | 104857600 | The max size of manifest file in bytes.
rocksdb.skip_stats_update_on_db_open | false | Whether to skip statistics update when opening the database, setting this flag true allows us to not update statistics.
rocksdb.max_file_opening_threads | 16 | The max number of threads used to open files.
rocksdb.max_total_wal_size | 0 | Total size of WAL files in bytes. Once WALs exceed this size, we will start forcing the flush of column families related, 0 means no limit.
rocksdb.db_write_buffer_size | 0 | Total size of write buffers in bytes across all column families, 0 means no limit.
rocksdb.delete_obsolete_files_period | 21600 | The periodicity in seconds when obsolete files get deleted, 0 means always do full purge.

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