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Contributors of Apache MXNet (incubating)

Apache MXNet adopts the Apache way and governs by merit. We believe that it is important to create an inclusive community where everyone can use, contribute to, and influence the direction of the project. We actively invite contributors who have earned the merit to be part of the development community. See MXNet Community Guide.


The Podling Project Management Committee (PPMC) is a group of active committers that moderate the discussion, manage the project release, and appoint new committers and PPMC members. Here's the list of PPMC members in alphabetical order by first name:


Committers are individuals who are granted write access to the project. A committer is usually responsible for a certain area or several areas of the code where they oversee the code review process. The area of contribution can take all forms, including code contributions and code reviews, documents, education, and outreach. Committers are essential for a high quality and healthy project. The PPMC actively seeks to appoint new committers from the list of contributors.

List of Contributors

Label Bot

  • mxnet-label-bot
    • mxnet-label-bot provides users with the functionality to manage labels for Issues/Pull Requests on the repository

    • To use me, comment:

      • @mxnet-label-bot add [specify comma separated labels here]
      • @mxnet-label-bot remove [specify comma separated labels here]
      • @mxnet-label-bot update [specify comma separated labels here] (i.e. @mxnet-label-bot update [Bug, Python])
    • Available label names which are supported: Labels

    • For further details: My Wiki Page

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