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;; Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
;; contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file distributed with
;; this work for additional information regarding copyright ownership.
;; The ASF licenses this file to You under the Apache License, Version 2.0
;; (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with
;; the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
;; Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
;; distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
;; See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
;; limitations under the License.
(ns org.apache.clojure-mxnet.util
(:require [clojure.spec.alpha :as s]
[t6.from-scala.core :refer [$ $$] :as $]
[clojure.string :as string]
[org.apache.clojure-mxnet.primitives :as primitives]
[org.apache.clojure-mxnet.shape :as mx-shape])
(:import (org.apache.mxnet NDArray)
(scala Product Tuple2 Tuple3)
(scala.collection.immutable List IndexedSeq ListMap)
(scala.collection JavaConversions Map)
(scala Option)))
(def ndarray-param-coerce {"float" "num"
"int" "num"
"boolean" "bool"
"scala.collection.immutable.Map" "kwargs-map"
"scala.collection.Seq" "& nd-array-and-params"
"int<>" "vec-of-ints"
"float<>" "vec-of-floats"
"byte<>" "byte-array"
"org.apache.mxnet.NDArray" "ndarray"
"org.apache.mxnet.Symbol" "sym"
"org.apache.mxnet.MX_PRIMITIVES$MX_PRIMITIVE_TYPE" "double-or-float"})
(def symbol-param-coerce {"java.lang.String" "sym-name"
"float" "num"
"int" "num"
"boolean" "bool"
"scala.collection.immutable.Map" "kwargs-map"
"scala.collection.Seq" "symbol-list"
"int<>" "vec-of-ints"
"float<>" "vec-of-floats"
"byte<>" "byte-array"
"java.lang.String<>" "vec-of-strings"
"org.apache.mxnet.Symbol" "sym"
"java.lang.Object" "object"})
(defn empty-list []
($ List/empty))
(defn empty-map []
($ Map/empty))
(defn empty-indexed-seq []
($ IndexedSeq/empty))
(defn empty-list-map []
($ ListMap/empty))
(defn ->option [v]
($ Option v))
(defn ->int-option [v]
(->option (when v (int v))))
(defn option->value [opt]
($/view opt))
(defn keyword->snake-case
"Transforms a keyword `kw` into a snake-case string.
`kw`: keyword
returns: string
(keyword->snake-case :foo-bar) ;\"foo_bar\"
(keyword->snake-case :foo) ;\"foo\""
(if (keyword? kw)
(string/replace (name kw) "-" "_")
(defn convert-tuple [param]
(apply $/tuple param))
(def tuple-param-names #{"kernel" "stride" "pad" "target-shape" "shape"})
(defn convert-by-shape [param]
(into {} (mapv (fn [[k v]]
[k (if (vector? v) (mx-shape/->shape v) v)])
(defn tuple-convert-by-param-name [param]
(into {} (mapv (fn [[k v]]
(if (or (get tuple-param-names k)
(get tuple-param-names (name k)))
[k (str (if (vector? v) (mx-shape/->shape v) v))]
[k v]))
(def io-param-names #{"input-shape" "data-shape" "label-shape"})
(defn io-convert-by-param-name [param]
(into {} (mapv (fn [[k v]] (cond
(or (get io-param-names k)
(get io-param-names (name k))) [k (str (if (vector? v) (mx-shape/->shape v) v))]
(true? v) [k "True"]
(false? v) [k "False"]
:else [k (str v)]))
(defn convert-map [param]
(if (empty? param)
(apply $/immutable-map (->> param
(into [])
(mapv keyword->snake-case)))))
(defn convert-symbol-map [param]
(convert-map (tuple-convert-by-param-name param)))
(defn convert-io-map [param]
(convert-map (io-convert-by-param-name param)))
(defn convert-shape-map [param]
(convert-map (convert-by-shape param)))
(defn convert-vector [param]
(apply $/immutable-list param))
(defn vec->set [param]
(apply $/immutable-set param))
(defn vec->indexed-seq [x]
(.toIndexedSeq (convert-vector x)))
(defn apply-scala-fn [f args]
(.apply f args))
(defn coerce-param [param targets]
(and (get targets "scala.collection.immutable.Map") (map? param)) (convert-map param)
(and (get targets "float") (number? param)) (float param)
(and (get targets "scala.collection.Seq") (instance? org.apache.mxnet.NDArray param)) ($/immutable-list param)
(and (get targets "scala.collection.Seq") (instance? org.apache.mxnet.Symbol param)) ($/immutable-list param)
(and (get targets "scala.collection.Seq") (and (or (vector? param) (seq? param)) (empty? param))) (empty-list)
(and (get targets "scala.collection.Seq") (or (vector? param) (seq? param))) (apply $/immutable-list param)
(and (get targets "org.apache.mxnet.Shape") (or (vector? param) (seq? param) (empty? param))) (mx-shape/->shape param)
(and (get targets "int<>") (vector? param)) (int-array param)
(and (get targets "float<>") (vector? param)) (float-array param)
(and (get targets "java.lang.String<>") (vector? param)) (into-array param)
(and (get targets "org.apache.mxnet.NDArray<>") (vector? param)) (into-array param)
(and (get targets "org.apache.mxnet.Symbol<>") (vector? param)) (into-array param)
(and (get targets "org.apache.mxnet.MX_PRIMITIVES$MX_PRIMITIVE_TYPE") (instance? Float param)) (primitives/mx-float param)
(and (get targets "org.apache.mxnet.MX_PRIMITIVES$MX_PRIMITIVE_TYPE") (number? param)) (primitives/mx-double param)
:else param))
(defn nil-or-coerce-param [param targets]
(when param
(coerce-param param targets)))
(defn scala-map->map
[^Map m]
(into {} (JavaConversions/mapAsJavaMap m)))
(defn buffer->vec [b]
(into [] (JavaConversions/bufferAsJavaList b)))
(defn scala-vector->vec [x]
(into [] (JavaConversions/asJavaCollection x)))
(defn scala-iterator->seq [x]
(iterator-seq (JavaConversions/asJavaIterator x)))
(defn tuple->vec [^Product p]
(->> (.productArity p)
(map #(.productElement p %))
(into [])))
(defn coerce-return [return-val]
(instance? scala.collection.mutable.ArrayBuffer return-val) (buffer->vec return-val)
(instance? scala.collection.immutable.Vector return-val) (scala-vector->vec return-val)
(instance? org.apache.mxnet.NDArrayFuncReturn return-val) (.head return-val)
(instance? Map return-val) (scala-map->map return-val)
(instance? Tuple2 return-val) (tuple->vec return-val)
(instance? Tuple3 return-val) (tuple->vec return-val)
(primitives/primitive? return-val) (primitives/->num return-val)
:else return-val))
(defn coerce-return-recursive [return-val]
(let [coerced-val (coerce-return return-val)]
(if (vector? coerced-val)
(into [] (map coerce-return-recursive coerced-val))
(defmacro scala-fn
"Creates a scala fn from an anonymous clojure fn of the form (fn [x] body)"
`($/fn ~@(drop-last (rest f)) ~(last f)))
(defn translate-keyword-shape [[k v]]
[(if (keyword? k) (string/replace (name k) "-" "_") k)
(if (vector? v) (mx-shape/->shape v) v)])
(defn map->tuple [m]
(->> m
(into [])
(map translate-keyword-shape)
(map convert-tuple)))
(defn list-map [m]
(loop [lm ($ ListMap/empty)
tuples (map->tuple m)]
(if (seq tuples)
(recur ($ lm "+" (first tuples)) (rest tuples))
(defn validate! [spec value error-msg]
(when-not (s/valid? spec value)
(s/explain spec value)
(throw (ex-info error-msg
(s/explain-data spec value)))))
(s/def ::non-empty-seq (s/and sequential? not-empty))
(defn to-array-nd
"Converts any N-D sequential structure to an array
with the same dimensions."
(validate! ::non-empty-seq nd-seq "Invalid N-D sequence")
(if (sequential? (first nd-seq))
(to-array (mapv to-array-nd nd-seq))
(to-array nd-seq)))
(defn nd-seq-shape
"Computes the shape of a n-dimensional sequential structure"
(validate! ::non-empty-seq nd-seq "Invalid N-D sequence")
(loop [s nd-seq
shape [(count s)]]
(if (sequential? (first s))
(recur (first s) (conj shape (count (first s))))
(defn map->scala-tuple-seq
"* Convert a map to a scala-Seq of scala-Tuple.
* Should also work if a seq of seq of 2 things passed.
* Otherwise passed through unchanged."
(letfn [(key->name [k]
(if (or (keyword? k) (string? k) (symbol? k))
(string/replace (name k) "-" "_")
(->tuple [kvp-or-tuple]
(if (coll? kvp-or-tuple)
(let [[k v] kvp-or-tuple]
($/tuple (key->name k) v))
;; pass-through
(if (coll? map-or-tuple-seq)
(->> map-or-tuple-seq
(map ->tuple)
(apply $/immutable-list))
;; pass-through
(defmacro forms->scala-fn
"Creates a scala fn of zero args from forms"
[& forms]
`($/fn []
(do ~@forms)))
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