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gluon.SymbolBlock cannot imports resnet trained with dtype="float16" #11849

wgchang opened this issue Jul 21, 2018 · 5 comments


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commented Jul 21, 2018


Cannot load fine-tuned resnet101 (incubator-mxnet/example/image-classification/symbols/ with dtype="float16" with "gluon.SymbolBlock.imports" method.

Error Message:

AssertionError: Failed loading Parameter 'stage3_unit2_conv2_weight' from saved params: dtype incompatible expected <type 'numpy.float32'> vs saved <type 'numpy.float16'>

Minimum reproducible example

net = gluon.SymbolBlock.imports('resnet-101-symbol.json',['data','softmax_label'],'resnet-101-0007.params')  # This line gives the error message.
net = gluon.SymbolBlock.imports('resnet-101-symbol.json',['data','softmax_label']) 

My Questions

In incubator-mxnet/example/image-classification/symbols/,
there is mx.sym.Cast for type conversion.
I fine-tuned resnet101 with dtype="float16", and I need to load this model as HybridBlock, However, the method gluon.SymbolBlock.imports makes every params' type in the network as float32. Therefore, the trained model cannot be updated.

Here, resnet-101-0007.params are trained with argument dtype='float16'
In resnet-101-symbol.json file, there is the Cast op.
"op": "Cast",
"name": "cast0",
"attrs": {"dtype": "float16"},
"inputs": [[7, 0, 0]]
It seems that gluon.SymbolBlock.imports does not consider the type conversion operator.

For now, I think I need to load all parameter manualy, and change types then save.
Is there any other solution to solve this problem?


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commented Jul 23, 2018

@sandeep-krishnamurthy Please help to label this issue Gluon


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commented Aug 14, 2018

Got the same problem here. Any updates here?


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commented Aug 22, 2018

@rahul003 same problem here, can't load back saved float16 models


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commented Aug 29, 2018

Using below snippet:

import mxnet as mx

ctx = mx.cpu(0)
data = mx.nd.zeros((1,3,224,224), ctx=ctx, dtype='float64')
net_fp32 =, ctx=ctx)
pred = net_fp32.forward(data)
net_fp32.export('resnet34_fp16', 0)
print('export fp16 model')

sm = mx.sym.load('resnet34_fp16-symbol.json')
inputs = mx.sym.var('data', dtype='float64')
net_fp16 = mx.gluon.SymbolBlock(sm, inputs)
net_fp16.collect_params().load('resnet34_fp16-0000.params', ctx)
pred = net_fp16.forward(data)

Below are my findings:

  1. Casting worked fine.
  2. Saved parameters are in the correct format (fp64 in my sample code)
  3. sym.load worked fine. If I infer symbol's type (sym.infer_type(data='float64') I get correct inferred type (float64) for all params.

Below is the issue:

  1. When you create mx.gluon.SymbolBlock(sm, input). It creates the parameters in the Block. Type is not passed for creating the parameter.
    See here - and the behavior is "If there is not parameter to get, it creates one and uses default type (fp32)

I am working on the fix.

@apeforest @ThomasDelteil - FYI


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commented Sep 18, 2018

Resolving as changes are merged.

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