@tqchen tqchen released this May 26, 2016 · 4855 commits to master since this release

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This is an incomplete list among the many features added

  • 0.6 is skipped because there are a lot of improvements since initial release
  • More math operators
    • elementwise ops and binary ops
  • Attribute support in computation graph
    • Now user can use attributes to give various hints about specific learning rate, allocation plans etc
  • MXNet is more memory efficient
  • Support mobile applications by @antinucleon
  • Refreshed update of new documents
  • Model parallel training of LSTM by @tqchen
  • Simple operator refactor by @tqchen
    • add operator_util.h to enable quick registration of both ndarray and symbolic ops
  • Distributed training by @mli
  • Support Torch Module by @piiswrong
    • MXNet now can use any of the modules from Torch.
  • Support custom native operator by @piiswrong
  • Support data types including fp16, fp32, fp64, int32, and uint8 by @piiswrong
  • Support monitor for easy printing and debugging by @piiswrong
  • Support new module API by @pluskid
    • Module API is a middle level API that can be used in imperative manner like Torch-Module
  • Support bucketing API for variable length input by @pluskid
  • Support CuDNN v5 by @antinucleon
  • More applications