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NetBeans templates

Templates are Groovy Server Pages that will be filled-in with elements in the content directory.

Creating templates

This directory contains some templates for different types of pages.

As a good practice, if you open an HTML tag in one template make sure the tag is also closed in the same template.
Templates must be also manually added to the file

Main templates

These are the main templates used in this project. Files ending in .gsp are "Groovy Server Pages" pages, this is, can be scripted using Groovy:

Complete page templates

  • page.gsp A skeleton for plain HTML 5 pages, with a hero banner. An aside on the right hosts the table of contents of the content.

  • page-noaside.gsp A skeleton for the main page (without asides).

Web page parts

These parts are included in the

  • head.gsp The <head> tag for all pages.

  • footer.gsp The footer section for all pages.

  • menu.gsp The NetBeans web site menu.

  • news.gsp A top area that gets printed in every page of the website, usually for news and announcements.

  • tools.gsp A bottom area that contains social network links, and a pointer to github’s home.