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# Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more contributor
# license agreements; and to You under the Apache License, Version 2.0.
# common logging configuration see common scala
include "logging"
include "akka-http-version"
# descriptions inlined below for convenience
akka.http {
server {
# Description:
# If a request hasn't been responded to after the time period set here
# a `akka.http.Timedout` message will be sent to the timeout handler.
# Set to `infinite` to completely disable request timeouts.
# Explaining the set value:
# The controller holds connections up to 60s for blocking invokes, and
# all other operations are expected to complete quickly. We allow a grace
# period in addition to the blocking invoke timeout.
request-timeout = 65s
# The maximum number of concurrently accepted connections when using the
# `Http().bindAndHandle` methods.
# This setting doesn't apply to the `Http().bind` method which will still
# deliver an unlimited backpressured stream of incoming connections.
# Note, that this setting limits the number of the connections on a best-effort basis.
# It does *not* strictly guarantee that the number of established TCP connections will never
# exceed the limit (but it will be approximately correct) because connection termination happens
# asynchronously. It also does *not* guarantee that the number of concurrently active handler
# flow materializations will never exceed the limit for the reason that it is impossible to reliably
# detect when a materialization has ended.
max-connections = 8192
# Description:
# Enables/disables support for statistics collection and querying.
# Even though stats keeping overhead is small,
# for maximum performance switch off when not needed.
stats-support = off
# Description:
# The time after which an idle connection will be automatically closed.
# Set to `infinite` to completely disable idle connection timeouts.
# Explaining the set value:
# This must be greater than the request timeout.
idle-timeout = 70s
parsing {
# This indirectly puts a bound on the name of entities
# 8k matches nginx default
max-uri-length = 8k
# This is 50MB to allow action attachments
max-content-length = 50m
# Check out all akka-remote-2.5.4 options here:
akka {
remote {
log-remote-lifecycle-events = DEBUG
log-received-messages = on
log-sent-messages = on
cluster {
# Disable legacy metrics in akka-cluster.
ssl-config {
enabledCipherSuites = [
enabledProtocols = [
# tracing configuration
tracing {
component = "Controller"
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