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Default locations for cache/generated files should respect the FHS #373

GoogleCodeExporter opened this issue Apr 6, 2015 · 7 comments


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What version of the product are you using (please check X-Mod-Pagespeed

On what operating system?

Debian squeeze amd64

Which version of Apache?


Which MPM?



The default locations for ModPagespeedFileCachePath (/var/mod_pagespeedcache/) 
and ModPagespeedGeneratedFilePrefix (/var/mod_pagespeedfiles/) do not comply 
with the Linux Filesystem Hierarchy Standard ( 
Ideally, it should place its files in the locations mandated by the above 
standard. I'd suggest:

    ModPagespeedFileCachePath            "/var/cache/mod_pagespeed/"
    ModPagespeedGeneratedFilePrefix      "/var/lib/mod_pagespeed/"

Original issue reported on by on 24 Jan 2012 at 12:48

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Slightly confused since the documentation seems to differ fro mthe defaults in 
the config file.

mine currently reads:

    ModPagespeedFileCachePath            "/var/mod_pagespeedcache/"
    ModPagespeedGeneratedFilePrefix      "/var/mod_pagespeedfiles/"

But I have seen a few examples on the web along the lines:

    ModPagespeedFileCachePath            "/var/mod_pagespeed/cache/"
    ModPagespeedGeneratedFilePrefix      "/var/mod_pagespeed/files/"

So besides the point the original poster asked, can someone tell me what the 
paths are supposed to be?

Original comment by on 2 Apr 2012 at 12:40

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Your version was caused by a bug in our installation process for one release.
The correct version has the extra '/' per the versions you've found on the web.

But, that said, either works fine, it's just the name of the directory for 
storing files.

If you want to fix the config file, you'll need to:
* stop Apache
* edit pagespeed.conf to add the '/'
* rm -rf /var/mod_pagespeedcache /var/mod_pagespeedfiles
* start Apache.

This will clear your cache so don't do it if you want to keep it for some 
however clearing it is not serious since it will be recreated automatically.

Original comment by on 2 Apr 2012 at 12:54

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Thx. for clarifying.

Original comment by on 3 Apr 2012 at 6:55

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This issue was closed by revision r1643.

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