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Apache SkyWalking UI

Sky Walking logo

The UI for Apache SkyWalking.

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The app was built with dva framework.

Getting codes

Fork, then clone the incubator-skywalking-ui repo and change directory into it.

git clone
cd incubator-skywalking-ui

Install dependencies via npm:

npm install

Running the application

Mock mode

This mode is suitable for developing locally.

npm start

No-Mock mode

This mode is suitable for e2e test with backend collector.

npm run start:no-mock

The default collector query address is http://localhost:12800. You can change this address by editing .webpack.js file.


Command Description
npm start Starts development server with hot reloading and mock.
npm run start:no-mock Starts development server to access collector
npm test Runs all the tests
npm run lint Lint the project (eslint, stylelint)
npm run build Runs production build. Outputs files to /dist.


Running build will output all the static files to the ./dist folder:

npm install
npm run build