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Release Notes.


SkyWalking 6 is totally new milestone for the project. At this point, we are not just a distributing tracing system with analysis and visualization capabilities. We are an Observability Analysis Platform(OAL).

The core and most important features in v6 are

  1. Support to collect telemetry data from different sources, such as multiple language agents and service mesh.
  2. Extensible stream analysis core. Make SQL and cache analysis available in core level, although haven't provided in this release.
  3. Provide Observability Analysis Language(OAL) to make analysis metric customization available.
  4. New GraphQL query protocol. Not binding with UI now.
  5. UI topology is better now.
  6. New alarm core provided. In alpha, only on service related metric.

5.x releases

You could find all CHANGES of 5.x at here