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There are many ways that you can help the SkyWalking community.

  • Go through our documents, point out or fixed unclear things. Translate the documents to other languages.
  • Download our releases, try to monitor your applications, and feedback to us about what you think.
  • Read our source codes, Ask questions for details.
  • Find some bugs, submit issue, and try to fix it.
  • Find help wanted issues, which are good for you to start.

Contact Us

All the following channels are open to the community, you could choose the way you like.

For code developer

As a develop, first step, read Compiling Guide. It teaches developer how to build the project in local.

Project Extensions

SkyWalking project supports many ways to extends existing features. If you are interesting in these ways, read the following guides.

UI developer

Our UI is constituted by static pages and web container.

  • Static pages is built based on Ant Design Pro, which source codes are hosted in our UI repository.
  • Web container source codes are in apm-webapp module. This is a just an easy zuul proxy to host static resources and send GraphQL query requests to backend.

For release

Apache Release Guide introduces to the committer team about doing official Apache version release, to avoid breaking any Apache rule. Apache license allows everyone to redistribute if you keep our licenses and NOTICE in your redistribution.