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Contributing to Weex

Weex community respects all kinds of contributing, including but not limited to code, documentation, mailing list.

Table of Content

Code of Conduct

To make an open and friendly community, Weex community adopt Contributor Covenant as the code of conduct.

Mailing List

If it didn't happen on a mailing list, it didn't happen.

In Weex community, feature requests, discussions and decisions happen on the mailing list, which is open to the whole world. Ref our website to see more.

Ask or Answer Questions

Weex Community Github Issue to report and track bugs 。The more information provided in a Github issue, the sooner it get solved.


  • Avoid duplicated: Always search on Github before you fire a new one.
  • Always run with the latest version before you fire a bug
  • Only report one bug in one Github Issue.

Format of Github issue

Please use the Bug Report template when firing a bug. All the information needed to solve a bug is listed in the Bug report template , please fill it out as much as you can. The more information provided in a Github issue, the sooner it get solved.


Report bug with fact and expected behavior, not complaint or emotional words.

Be patient

Compared to the amount of issues, Weex community may not response to your issues in time, please be patient.


If your Github issue doesn't get any response over a week, you can ask developers through weex mailing list.

Development Process

Most of the development process is described in confluence, which services the contributors of Weex and is transparent to all users.

Contribute Code or document

In Weex community, Documentation is as important as code, and Weex community respects all the contribution of documentation or code.


Weex adopts Apache License 2.0 as its open source license. Make sure your contribution obeys the requirement of Apache License 2.0.

Contribute documentation

Documentation with good quality is a great help to developers. If there is a powerful API that is not easy to use, it becomes useless. So, we welcome contributions to help documentation of Weex become precise and easy to read.

You can contribute to a document through the following ways:

  • Click Edit this page on the bottom of website, and you will be navigated to a new Github PR.

Contribute code

Before Coding

Use master branch

The development of Weex is on master branch, you should write your code based on master branch.

Check License

Weex adopts Apache License 2.0 as its open source license. Make sure your potential contribution obeys the requirement of Apache License 2.0.

Bug or Feature ?

  • If you are going to fix a bug of Weex, check whether it already exists in Github Issue. If it exists, make sure to write down the link of the corresponding Github issue in the PR you are going to create.
  • If you are going to add a feature for weex, reference the following recommend procedure:
    1. Writing a email to mailing list to talk about what you'd like to do.
    2. Write the corresponding document


  1. Fork the Github repository at

  2. Clone the forked repository and create a new branch from master to push your commits to.

  3. Develop your feature or bug fix in your new branch. Make sure your code meets the style guidelines.

  4. Add the License below to the top of any new file(s) you've added.

     * Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one
     * or more contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file
     * distributed with this work for additional information
     * regarding copyright ownership.  The ASF licenses this file
     * to you under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the
     * "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
     * with the License.  You may obtain a copy of the License at
     * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing,
     * software distributed under the License is distributed on an
     * KIND, either express or implied.  See the License for the
     * specific language governing permissions and limitations
     * under the License.
  5. Commit all the changes to your branch.


If you are writing Java or C++ with Android Studio, License will be added to the head of the file automatically.

Code Style Guidelines

  • Tabs should be used for indentation. Please do not use spaces.
  • * operator goes with the variable name (e.g. Type *variable;)
  • For function definitions, place each brace on its own line.
  • For all the other braces, place the open brace on the line preceding the code block and place the close brace on its own line.
  • Use #pragma marks to categorize methods into functional groupings and protocol implementations
  • Follow other guidelines on GitHub Objective-C Style Guide
Java & Android
C & C++

Publish your Change

Open a pull request against the master branch of apache/incubator-weex. Make sure following guidelines are considered when creating a pull request.

  1. One PR should solve only one problem.
  2. The PR title should be the form of [COMPONENT] Summary:
    • COMPONENT is one of the mentioned PR categories (android, iOS, JsFm, web, test, etc..).
    • Summary should be a brief description of your change within one sentence.
  3. Content description of PR
    • If the PR is about fixing a bug excluding crash, a demo is necessary in code's description.
    • If the PR is about adding a new feature, another PR for documentation is necessary in codes' PR description.
    • Optional If the PR fixes an existing Github issue, you may add the link to the corresponding issue in the PR.

There will be a static check program when you submit a PR,and the following rules will be checked:

  1. Check if your PR is submitted to master branch, if not, you will failed.
  2. Check if your PR is bounded with a milestone, if not, you will receive a warning message.
  3. Check if your PR description contains keywords Documentation and it's corresponding http links. if not, you will receive a warning message.
  4. Check if your PR description contains keywords Demo and it's corresponding http links. if not, you will receive a warning message.
  5. Check if your PR modify the, if not,you will receive a warning message.


Reviewing PR may take a great deal of time, please be patient. If your PR doesn't get response over 96 hours, you might send an email to mailing list to ask the progress.

Members and Governance Model

You can find committers, PPMCs and governance model of Weex from confluence.

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