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fix up bootstrapping
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stumped2 committed Nov 5, 2015
1 parent ec62cc8 commit 5062dc84ff5fa4444a4eba318b84e7c276f38e3f
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@@ -32,13 +32,14 @@ bundle install
### Get modules

cd <infra puppet repo>
cd <path to infra puppet repo>
./bin/pull # this will pull in all the 3rd party modules at the specified versions we use in production

### Make modules useable

cd <path to puppet-kitchen repo>
cd puppet/modules
for i in $(ls <path to infra-pupet 3rdParty>); do ln -s <path to infra-puppet 3rdParty>/$i ./; done
for i in $(ls <path to infra-puppet modules>); do ln -s <path to infra-puppet modules>/$i ./; done

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