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@@ -36,3 +36,42 @@ This service is deployed and runs as a systemd service unit.
## Logging

`journalctl -u pipservice-svnauthz.service`

## Testing

In order to test changes to template files

* clone this repository to your workstation.
* acquire an `svnauthz.yaml`
* from the production machine (easiest)
* or, from
and insert two pairs of user/pass values
* edit the .yaml
* change the `output_dir` to (say) `/tmp/authz`
* change the `template_url` to `/path/to/your/templates/`
(this will likely be `.../modules/subversion_server/files/authorization/`;
make sure the trailing slash is present)
* create a subdir named `ref` to hold "reference" outputs
* in the subdir, fetch the current/live set of authz files using
$ scp*n .
* start the daemon using
$ ./
* the daemon will write a new set of output authz files at startup;
watch the debug output for the `WRITE_FILE:` lines
* then you can check whether you made breaking changes, or just
minor acceptable changes (after stopping the daemon with ^C, or in
another window):
$ diff /tmp/authz/asf-authorization ref/
* if you leave the daemon running, it will write the outputs at the
next LDAP change or next commit
(as of April 15, it is any commit to any git repository; in the
future, it will be limited to just the template area; you'll need
to stop/restart the daemon to regenerate files)

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