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Added a clause indicating that Infra will reject tickets requesting changes from people who are not PMC members or committers of the project in question, and cannot demonstrate the email thread in which the PMC expressed support of the requested change. Added a concrete example.
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cottage14 committed Jan 11, 2022
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@@ -12,6 +12,9 @@ ASF and many of its projects use Jira to keep track of work to be done. The larg

1. Browse the existing Jira tickets to see if others have already reported the bug you noticed or have requested the task or additional feature that you were going to ask for. If you find a ticket that covers what you wanted to report, you can add a comment and maybe some more relevant information to the existing ticket.
2. Decide whether an Apache Jira ticket is the proper venue for your concern. For example, the Infrastructure team installs and operates multiple third party services on behalf of the ASF and its projects. Examples include Jira itself, GitHub, TravisCI, JFrog, LastPass, PonEE, Okta, Nexus, Confluence, and Statuspage. If you have a problem with the core functions of a third party service, it will be more efficient to file a bug report with that service, rather than with Infra or any ASF project. Infra will close as invalid any bug report or enhancement request about a third party service that does not relate to the ASF's interaction with or configuration of that service.
3. If the ticket is not to report an issue, but to request that Infra make a configuration change, add a service, create a virtual machine, or perform some other work for your project, _unless you are a committer or a PMC member of the project_, include in the ticket a reference to the email thread in which the PMC agreed to that request. Infra will **reject** Jira tickets submitted on behalf of a PMC by someone who is not a committer for that project and cannot in some other way establish a) their connection to the project and b) PMC approval for the request.

- If the ticket is for a major request, such as to set up a virtual machine for the project, the ticket **should** demonstrate PMC approval of the request.

### Writing a good Jira ticket
If there is nothing in Jira already that covers what's on your mind, and the topic seems related to Apache services or an Apache project rather than a third party, click "Create" to display a form where you can describe your issue or request. Providing as much relevant information as you can helps Infra respond quickly and appropriately.

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