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For committers (primarily)

As of now we have a couple places for documentation; this new website hopes to
collate them and provide a single or primary point of reference.
A more general list of <a href="">services and tools</a> is available.

* [Contacting Infrastructure](contactinfra.html)
* <a href="">Contacting Infrastructure</a>
* [Committer e-mail configuration](email.html)
* [Getting started with Git](git.html)
* [Apache and GitHub](github.html)
* [Changing your account details (self serve)](id.html)
* <a href="">ASF account management</a>
* <a href="">Using Docker with</a>
* [Guide to new committers](newaccount.html)
* <a href="">Guide for new committers</a>
* [Using OPIE](opie.html)
* [Releasing project packages](release.html)
* [Setting up SSH for ASF machines](ssh.html)
* [Committer documentation](start.html)
* [Using Subversion](subversion.html)
* [Subversion and Git integration with JIRA tickets](svngit2jira.html)
* [Web Site Guidelines](website-policy.html)
* [How To Manage any Apache Project's Website](website.html)

* <a href="">Project website policy</a>

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