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ci.a.o and cms turn off 31st January 2022
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gmcdonald committed Jan 30, 2022
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@@ -99,6 +99,8 @@ <h3>News from Infra</h3>
<li>The ASF is decommissioning the venerable FreeBSD host, The primary functions of this host have long since moved to <i></i>, also known as <i></i>. If you have a shell account on minotaur, make sure that you have retrieved your data prior to the decommissioning date of <b>January 31, 2022</b>.</li>
<li> Infra has enabled 2FA (two-factor authentication support on (used for sites such as and, etc). You can couple a Google Authenticator or other TOTP (Time-based One Time Password apps) to your login process for added security. To enable 2FA, click the <b>2FA</b> link next time you have to use for a login.</li>
<li> - Buildbot 0.8 gets turned off 31st January 2022. The DNS will point to its 3.2 replacement.</li>
<li> The CMS finally gets turned off 31st January 2022, at this point all projects have moved to a different publishing method.</li>
<p><b>December, 2021:</b>

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