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added a note about private repositories.
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cottage14 committed May 24, 2022
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@@ -6,4 +6,5 @@ Many Apache projects have moved to Git as their main source code repository sinc
- Those who have reservations about GitHub's terms and conditions can use Apache's <a href="" target="_blank">GitBox</a>, which also gives full access to Apache's writable Git repositories.
- To link your GitHub and Apache IDs, follow <a href="" target="_blank">these instructions</a>.
- Projects can request new, blank repositories through <a href="" target="_blank">selfserve</a>.
- Each project can also request (using a Jira ticket) that Infra set up a private repository for use with tasks, such as fixing security issues in project code, that should not be publically available.
- Apache does not support custom commits or other hooks. All projects get the same hooks. Setting up <a href="" target="_blank">gitpubsub</a> should provide sufficient flexibility without impacting the core Git setup.

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