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Title: Web Site Guidelines
slug: reference/committer/website-policy

# Web Site Guidelines #
Title: Web Site Guidelines
slug: reference/committer/website-policy

This is a set of guidelines set out by the ASF Infrastructure Team.
They only cover policies that we have on resource consumption, linking and ownership.
For policies and guidelines that fall under other committees or directors, please see their respective sites/pages.

### General web site usage policy:

- Never link directly to downloads hosted at, always use the mirror scripts.
- Never redirect from the front page of $ to another domain. $ MUST be your main project site. Links are of course okay.
- Never redirect from a $ site to a non-ASF site unless this is explicitly recognized as an external web site
- Don't cause unnecessary resource usage (CPU, RAM, disk space). We refer to common sense, but Infrastructure will ultimately decide whether this is the case or not on a case-by-case basis.
- All official project web sites (including any domain names used) must be owned by the ASF and hosted on ASF hardware under the control of the ASF Infrastructure Team.
- Cookies and means of tracking users may only be used on ASF web sites if the visitor is explicitly made aware of this.
- Web sites must be licensed under the Apache License v.2.
- You must not host or distribute any material that may constitute a felony under US or German law.
- All web sites must be available on ASF's git or svn servers, and published using git- or svn-pubsub (this includes the ASF CMS system)
- You must not host source releases or convenience binaries directly on the web site, use the mirror system through (but do NOT link to, use closer.lua!)

Should you have any questions about the above policies, please feel free to reach out to us at []( or visit us in our [HipChat room](
See <a href="">Project site policy</a>.

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