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JSIEVE-67 Detailing script upload
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chibenwa committed Jan 20, 2016
1 parent 14430c5 commit d607b41ef94a8be5ddabebde7dd9c6dde67e52d6
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Note that some integration tests in James server on Mail delivery behaves as integration tests for
JSIEVE in JAMES. Have a look to <code></code>
JSIEVE in JAMES. Have a look to <code></code>.
In James server, Sieve scripts are stored by <code>SieveRepository</code>(ies).
Note that you can manage your SIEVE scripts as a user on James using 3 mechanisms, depending of
your installation :
<li>With SieveDefaultRepository one need to interact with the file system to custmize her
scripts (legacy reasons)</li>
<li>If enabled by the administrator, you can use a ManageSieve server, as specified in RFC-5804</li>
<li>Or you can rely on the <code>ManageSieveMailet</code> to handle ManageSieve over SMTP</li>

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